We’ll Outreach With “Obama’s Fault”

Congressional asshattary aside, this distinctly Freudian moment is the funniest thing today.

Former RNC chair Michael Steele criticized the RNC's outreach efforts by saying they basically boil down to a website with black people on it, but it turns out there is no such website.

The Republican National Committee is firing back at its former chairman’s charge that the party has been slacking in its outreach to black voters. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele told TPM Tuesday that the party’s efforts to expand the party’s reach now consists solely of a “website with black faces on it.”

Even that website, it turns out, doesn’t exist. But what the party does have, the RNC told TPM, is Mitt Romney. [...]

RNC spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski said that the party wasn’t so much focused on outreach as it was dedicated to electing Romney.

“We are reaching out to all Americans who know that the failed policies of the past three and half years need a change in direction by electing Mitt Romney, who has the experience and record to get our economy moving in the right direction,” she said.

You have to understand. After the RNC debuted a Spanish language website with pictures of Asian children on it, they're afraid they might get it wrong again. They now prefer to go with "Obama's fault" for outreach.

Will Michael Steele ever wake up and realize that his party just isn't into him or people that look like him?

We may not take Steele seriously around here, but that's because he's wrong on national policy. The Republicans don't take him seriously for entirely different reasons. And if I'm laughing, it's at their expense, not his.

  • Ipecac

    Hibbledy-bibble, baby!

  • D_C_Wilson

    I actually feel sorry for Michael Steele. His current job is to go on MSNBC and explain the republican party’s actions. That’s even harder than being the party chairman when the party itself is actively undermining your authority.

  • bphoon

    While listening to NPR today I heard the crowd reaction when Romney promised to the NAACP that he’d work to repeal the ACA. The following kept cycling through my mind:

    Jon Stewart: Don’t you think adding a few black faces could help Romney with the black vote?

    Larry Wilmore: Well, I guess it could help him with the black vote in the same way jumping gets you closer to the sun.