What Could Go Wrong?

This will solve everything.

"It's been insane," Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo employee Jake Meyers told the Denver Post in reference to the marked increase in gun sales across Colorado observed in the wake of Friday's deadly shooting in Aurora.

According to the Post, Friday to Sunday saw a 43 percent jump in background checks approved by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation over the previous weekend.

On Friday alone there were 1,216 checks — 43 percent higher than the average number of checks requested during the previous two Fridays.

More guns! Go!

I have absolutely no doubt the rush came from people convinced that the shooting would lead to the government banning guns. They buy it every single time. They've been buying it for decades. Suckers.

Newsflash: no one wants to completely ban guns. We just don't think you need assault rifles or 100-round drum magazines.

  • LeShan Jones

    Sigh, here we go again. the bed-wetters of the right, so absolutely terrified that someone somewhere may tell them no immedeatly run out to stockpile as many deadly weapons as they can.

    We got the usual gang of idiots going “if only someone there had been packing a gun….” ignoring the fact the gunman was wearing body armor. I suppose if shooters like the Aurora guy start to wear body armor when they go on their killing spree, the insane NRA types will insist we need to have easy access to cop-killer bullets from now on.
    This is not a never-ending cycle, it’s a spiral…down. We are eventually going to hit the bottom and it wont be pretty.

  • KAboink

    In some States it’s easier to get a hand gun than it is to vote.
    Now that’s fucked up.

  • eljefejeff

    hey we need our weapons of mass destruction to stay legal- you never know when that deer you’re about to shoot might pull a glock on your ass.

  • burbank_burt

    Has everyone read Jason Alexander’s blog post?
    If not, take a couple of minutes. It’s good.

  • gescove

    Or they think that it’s a really good idea for EVERYONE to carry a gun into the theater, or restaurant, or sports arena. You know, to keep safe from killers. Indeed, what could go wrong?

    • Brutlyhonest

      Here in east wingnuttistan, there have been several children (10 and under as I recall) shot by parents/friends recently. If only the little bastards kids had also been packing it could have been prevented.