Animal Rights

Worst Person in the World

Rep. Steve King (R-Crazy Caucus) for this:

The King Amendment would essentially prevent states from developing strong independent health, safety, and cruelty standards, even if local voters want them. [...]

King, though, brags that his legislation “wipes out everything they’ve [animal rights advocates] done with pork and veal.”

Whoopee! Big win for defiant mouth-breathers whose greed and gluttony requires animal torture in order to be adequately sated.

Adding... So much for the right-wing dogma of leaving things like this up to the states.

  • D_C_Wilson

    So now we can add state’s rights to the list of Things Republicans Used to Support But Now Oppose Because They’d Rather Watch the Country Burn Now That a Scary Black Man is in Their White House.

    So far, I’ve got:

    State’s rights
    The Disclose Act
    The Dream Act
    The Individual Mandate
    The Law of the Sea Treaty
    Cap and Trade
    Deficit Commission
    Tax Cuts for the Middle Class

    Did I forget anything?

    • bphoon


      Common Sense
      Common Decency

  • pgeorge

    Once again, the death throes of the extreme Right show their disconnect with where we are heading as a people: MORE interest in animal rights or just plain humane treatment, better health and safety standards, greater interest in a plant-based diet, greater interest generally on where our food comes from. To argue AGAINST health and safety standards is truly pathological.

  • Grant Beaudette

    All the righteous conviction of an 8-year-old mouthing off to the the babysitter.

    It takes some gall to scream about states rights for years and then try to use the Commerce Clause to invalidate most of them. Especially since the hill King is willing to die on is about making chicken coops a couple inches larger.

  • JozefAL

    It’d be deliciously ironic if Iowa’s voters decided they want the legislature to pass a law requiring “strong independent health, safety, and cruelty standards.”

  • Username1016

    It seems to me that the more Obama is rational, reasonable, centrist, and presidential, the more the right wing gibbers and howls. They’ve stopped even pretending to have the common weal or effective governance or common decency anywhere in their agenda — it’s all “me me me — gimme!” and “tear it down, who cares!” and “f*** you!” Do they seriously think this stance is going to win over the middle?

    On the other hand, please keep it up! The more the middle sees who these people are, the more Obama is a shoo-in.

  • Zirgar

    So, it’s okay for a state to do what it wants when he agrees with it, but it’s not okay when he doesn’t. Ok. Just making sure. Seriously, this guy is absolutely one of the most abominable people in DC, from his batshit rhetoric, to his legislation. What a horrible piece of excrement.