A Positive Note About Friday's Job Numbers

Following July's addition of 160,000 jobs, if the economy adds 105,000 more jobs per month for the next three months, the Obama administration will break into net job creation numbers.

In other words, more jobs will have been created than were lost during the earliest recession days of 2009 and 2010.

Considering the thousands of jobs that were being wiped out when the president took office, this would be a huge accomplishment. Now, can you imagine where we'd be if the stimulus had been larger and the Republicans hadn't filibustered every job-creation bill the Democrats have proposed?

Either way, the job losses will have been completely wiped out within a single term. That's significant.

  • KanaW

    “can you imagine where we’d be if the stimulus had been larger and the Republicans hadn’t filibustered every job-creation bill the Democrats have proposed?”

    The middle class would be almost as prosperous (in comparison) to the “upper” class.

    And that is something that must not happen!

  • missliberties

    Can you imagine where we would be if the GOP hadn’t stymied the American Jobs Act, the Infrastructure Bank.

    Yes. I can.

    It is just sad that folks don’t understand how the GOP has sabotaged the economy on purpose. It is hard to believe, but it’s true.

    What we really need to focus on is the future. We don’t want a nation that only lifts up the wealthy. We want a nation that lifts up the wealthy AND the rest of us at the same time. It is the key to having a truly vibrant healthy economy, political stability and a good strong national defense.

  • Ned F

    That will be really good news if it comes to pass, though I don’t think we’ll hear anything about it in the nooz, lest they be accused of liberal bias and being in the tank for Obama.

    • D_C_Wilson

      But they will be accused of liberal bias, no matter what they say. That’s what kills me. Stop bending over backward to treat the right with kid gloves.