Behave Yourselves!

The GOP's montage of deceased figureheads that will air tonight at the convention will feature senators, former presidential candidates, and a man who lied, cheated, deceived, and proudly trolled the world well into his middle years.

Notable Republicans and conservatives who died over the last four years will be memorialized tonight at the Republican National Convention, per a press release. The names of figures such as former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart and former vice presidential candidate Jack Kemp will scroll across a video screen at the Tampa Bay Times Forum.

The Republicans believe Breitbart, the man who framed Shirley Sherrod and produced selectively-edited videos that resulted in the death of ACORN, belongs in the hall of fame alongside former senators and vice presidential candidates.

That's not exactly shocking, but consider that Andrew Breitbart did more to propagate the idea that voter fraud is rampant than perhaps anyone else, and that minorities are responsible for the fraud, and the GOP may as well be serenading a deceased member of the Klan. The latter would at least be honest.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    There should be a Breitbart is Dead party where there’s music and dancing all weekend long to celebrate that evil scumbag burning and suffering in Hell. MTV should televise it. And if the right should blow a gasket because of it? Awesome!

  • Not Sayin

    They’re seriously going there with Breitbart? That’s – fuck. It’s full moon 24/7 these days. I can’t keep up any more. It makes my head hurt.

    • IrishGrrrl

      It not only makes my head hurt, it scares the living daylights out of me.