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Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

The man who schooled Paul Ryan on foreign policy prior to his selection as Mitt Romney's running mate is now openly calling on congress to vote for war with Iran.

via ThinkProgress

Elliott Abrams, a former Bush Administration official who focuses on the Middle East, took to the pages of the Weekly Standard to argue that neither Iranians nor Israelis think the Obama administration is “serious” about attacking Iran, and that the only real way to convince them is having Congress vote for war.

From his column

There are few legislative days left in 2012 because this is an election year, but there are enough to debate and pass this joint resolution if it is given its proper priority. Congress needs to act on the farm bill and the federal budget before adjourning, but it is quite likely in both cases that three or six month extensions will kick those balls down the road to a lame duck session or into the new Congress next year. The Iranian nuclear program, by contrast, must be addressed right now—or Israel is quite likely to strike while it still can.

There aren't many days left in this session of congress, and we still don't have a comprehensive farm bill or a budget for fiscal 2013 on the books. But you know what? Starting another war is more important!

Abrams' idea is that we can prevent Israel from bombing Iran by declaring war before they do. We can then somehow use our declaration of war as a bargaining chip to force the Iranians to discontinue their non-existent weapons program. Because a declaration of war is actually a gesture of peace. Do you follow? Me neither. And this man gives Paul Ryan his talking points.

The Republicans are so concerned about the national debt they can't wait to enlarge it with another bogus, treasury-plundering war.

  • Draxiar

    Between war-mongering, pregancy fascism, and stunting the economy for political gain (to name a few), I’m trying really hard to not think violent thoughts on these people lately.

  • Zen Diesel

    In the words of Bugs E. Bunny What a maroon What an ignoramus!!!!!

  • Victor_the_Crab


  • muselet

    What a waste of skin.

    Elliott Abrams is a noisy poltroon of the Dick Cheney school, who has yet to find a war he wouldn’t cheerfully send other people to fight. That he has a hard-on for Iran should come as a surprise to exactly no one.

    … kick those balls down the road …

    The cliché he was searching for was “kick those cans,” but in this case it may be an improvement on the original: as I type this, I can imagine kicking Elliott Abrams’s balls down the road. And I’m smiling.


  • Kari Hope

    And how the hell do they expect to pay for another war?? They better pull it out of their ass because the middle class is destitute already. I’m so sick and tired of these warmongering assholes.

    • Brutlyhonest

      They’ll pay for it by borrowing, like they always do. Tax and spend is fiscally responsible, so the party of fiscal responsibility has maligned it!

      The defense machine employs a lot of people and has made some of them very wealthy and very powerful, so of course they’re always looking for the next enemy and war.

    • D_C_Wilson

      There’s always money for war. We’re only broke when it comes to paying for stuff that benefits the middle class.