Creepy Robot of the Day

Here now -- gulp! -- is a singing robot.


  • muselet

    It’s creepy, for sure, but the thing sings better than most of the pop tarts who have record contracts.

    Me, I prefer singing gibbons.


  • gescove

    Cripes… the Romney-bot sings better than that. And what’s with the robot’s hand? Why is it spinning around like Linda Blair’s head in The Exorcist? At least the music track is soothing… NOT. What’s the toll free number for Old Glory Insurance company again?

  • Bubble Genius


  • Ipecac


  • le boclo

    After years of defending Lance Armstrong (those fucking frenchies, just jealous morons…), his culpability is mentionned in a 3 lines blog post with CLOSED COMMENTS ??!!?
    Very classy Bob. Nice mea culpa…
    Been reading you for years, still regularly wear my “money good, fire bad” Hetfield shirt, but just this once, you’re very disapointing.

  • Draxiar

    Holy Motherfuck that’s frightening! It kinda has a white Michael Myers mask with hair. Way scarier than the Terminator. Imagine that thing chasing you while it sings in it’s robot voice…

    If it eats old people’s medicine for fuel I’m getting robot insurance!

  • zirgar

    Is this the GOP backup candidate should Romney short circuit somewhere on the campaign trail?

    • mdblanche

      That thing comes from even deeper inside the uncanny valley than he does!