Gibbs is Absolutely Right

This is from Sunday, but it seems just as prescient now as it was then now that the GOP has adopted an official platform that condemns women, immigrants, gays, and everyone else that isn't white and rich.

Gibbs: I'm not gonna get lectured by Mitt Romney or anyone on the Romney campaign about the tone of this campaign.

This is a guy who's flown all over the country saying he's not sure whether the president believes in America. Right? We're auctioning off dinners with the brither in chief, right wing nut job Donald Trump who still questions whether or not the president was born in the United States of the America.

And Donald Trump, who questions the presidents birthplace and his college transcripts, is only the tip of the iceberg.

The GOP platform committee, which will be dictating everything Romney has to run on from now until November, runs the entire gamut of nut jobs from Bryan Fischer, who wants to kidnap kids from gay parents, to Tony Perkins, who lead the charge to bar even civil unions from the official platform, and to Kris Kobach, the grandfather of "Papers Please." And if Tropical Storm Isaac doesn't disrupt the convention, Donald Trump will be on hand to symbolically fire a black man in effigy in front of wall to wall rich white people.

The Romney campaign has gone full-on dogwhistle, claiming the president wants to give you welfare for nothing, that he wants to rob you of your Medicare, and that he needs to take his "anger and hate" back to Chicago where he belongs.

If Romney is so appalled that the president has the gall to fight back against the masters of the universe, what's he going to do about it? Whine, apparently.

The Obama campaign has nothing to apologize for. Liberals have learned how to fight back and the Right Wing, and their accomplices in the media beholden to the both sides meme, simply don't know how to react to it.

  • bphoon

    Totally unsurprising reaction from the right wing. And totally spot on. They are professional victims who adamantly refuse to take responsibility for their choices, words and actions. They continually blame the “liberal media” (makes me wonder what wing of the “liberal media” Faux News occupies) for anything and everything. Their stock in trade is to point fingers and accuse their opposition of doing precisely what they themselves are doing.

    If they don’t tolerate dissention from inside their ranks, why on Earth would they tolerate it from their opposition? They revel in an image of being vicious, “take no prisoners” spewers of vitriol yet they have incredibly thin skins when anyone else dares criticize them.

    If Gibbs & Co. keep this up, maybe their collective head will explode.

  • Jan Marra

    Add Kasim Reed to that list of Democratic raptors.

    • Chachizel

      Mayor Reed had been REAL strong lately. Not just laying down and taking it. Future Dem star?

  • nathkatun7

    Bravo JM Ashby for this spot-on commentary. I am really loving the fighting spirit coming from team Obama. VP Biden, Stephanie Cutter, David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs don’t suffer fools in the media who continuously parrot GOP talking points.

  • Lee Bryner