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Guns, Ballots and the Daily Banter Mail Bag!

For this week's Mail Bag, we answer some reader questions about firebaggers, Paul Ryan's looks and the potential for an armed neo-con rebellion. The questions:

Do you think the Firebaggers, Greenwaldians, Libetarian Leftists and other various and sundry anarcho-nihilists will have any impact in diminishing the vote for Obama (via convincing people to stay home or to write in a vanity candidtae) in swing states this year?

What do any/all of you make of the Paul Ryan "Pretty Boy" factor? Is it even close to the really weird Sarah Palin attraction that some guys had in 2008?

I have seen many posts by neo-con friends that say they will take back is country by ballot or by bullet. I'd like to know who they are going to shoot.

Go here for the answers.

  • mdblanche

    The Paul Ryan “pretty boy” thing is pure wish fulfillment. The only people I’ve actually heard seriously describing him as attractive are men roughly the same age he is. I think they figure if they can pass this Butch Patrick impersonator in a poorly fitting suit off as handsome, there’s hope for them yet.

  • Nitai Kearney
  • IrishGrrrl

    Chez was pretty funny this week. I enjoyed the responses.

  • drsquid

    Sirota doesn’t have Asperger’s – he’s just a shithead.

    • nicole

      huh. I was thinking that Chez meant Greenwald.