Lying Liars

He’s Playin’ You, Virginia

Virginia -- Paul Ryan thinks you're stupid.

“Now there’s one thing we’re going to have to deal with to make sure we protect jobs in Virginia and around America,” Ryan said. “And that is these devastating defense cuts that president Obama is promising. That is the lack of leadership that he is providing. They call it sequester and all of that. Well, I tell you what. In the House, we already passed the bill to cut spending in other areas of government to make sure that these devastating cuts to defense never occur so we don’t put Virginians out of work and so we have a strong national defense. That’s extremely important.”

The "sequester and all of that," or Budget Control Act, was agreed to by both chambers of congress, including the Republican-controlled House. And it was only made necessary after the Republicans, including Paul Ryan, decided to take the debt ceiling hostage and play chicken with financial apocalypse.

Not only that, the Budget Control Act also managed to make it out of the budget committee which Paul Ryan is the chairman of.

It's true that the House has passed bills to delay or abandon sequestration, but what Ryan isn't telling you is that he would make up for the cuts' absence by gutting social programs. Because the wars overseas aren't enough. The Republicans want to declare war on the poor here at home too.

The House Budget Committee, chaired by Paul Ryan, is also expected to sign off on the fiscal 2013 budget which includes sequestration.

If Paul Ryan is so courageous and eager to stand up to Washington, what's he waiting for? Where's the beef?

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have expressed their satisfaction with the defense budget as it stands, including "sequestration and all of that," but as you may recall, Ryan accused the Chiefs of lying about that.

Do you trust the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, or do you trust the guy who drove the Wienermobile?

  • Brutlyhonest

    One thing that I find really disappointing is Democrats using the same descriptors about the sequestration “cuts”. If I recall correctly, the budget will not increase spending as expected. Regardless, decreasing the public part of the defense budget by $50B/year for 10 years is not devastating or any of the other sky-is-falling words both sides (there is some actual equality here for a change) are using.

    Anyone who has been involved with military budgeting at any significant level knows how much waste there is. They also know how congress micro-manages and forces you to spend money on shit you neither need nor want, while preventing you from purchasing things you really need to do your missions.

    Here’s a funny (not haha) from one of my area wingnuts “we” sent to congress: After the USN ship collided with a tanker the other day, randy forbes was on the teevee ranting about how “Obama’s” cuts would make things like this worse!

    I’ve tried to educate people for many years on the fact that republican’s are pro-defense industry, but not pro-military.

    • muselet

      After the USN ship collided with a tanker the other day, randy forbes was on the teevee ranting about how “Obama’s” cuts would make things like this worse!

      Why, because the Navy is this close *holds thumb and index finger 10Å apart* to developing Star Trek-style deflectors? Because the next generation of ships will be made of a super-duper-special alloy of unobtanium and wonderflonium that will make things bounce off their hulls?

      It’s hard to tell sometimes who’s dumber: dumb politicians or the dumb people who vote for dumb politicians.


  • JackDaniel07

    For what its worth, I found this to be one of your best contributions (of many many many nominees) to the blog Ashby…whatta goddamn awesome post
    The Obituary of Paul Ryan, Politician