Idiot Quote of the Day

After reading a lot of tweets, listening to some talk radio, and watching some cable TV, I can say that this Romney/birther moment is representative of the whole, horrible campaign cycle we are in. The level of vitriol and personal animus that exists on both sides over the flap is truly discouraging. -Mark Halperin on Romney birtherism

That's right. Mitt Romney's shout-out to birtherism is a demonstration of how ugly "both sides" have become.

To say something this profoundly ignorant and divorced from reality, you have to willingly overlook the fact that virtually every single thing the Romney campaign says about the president is a lie, and that virtually every single thing the Obama campaign says about Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan, is true.

Only one party is running on the record as it stands, and it's not the party who believes the president is a secret Kenyan who wants to give you welfare for nothing.

  • eljefejeff

    How does twitter work? I know, I’m old and ignorant I guess…can someone tweet Halperin a question and expect an answer? Someone should really point out what Ashby said, what we’ve all been saying, that the difference is Romney lies and Obama doesn’t. Obama can be tough and point out that Romney’s actions, among other things, led to a woman’s death. Hell Romney could point out that Obama’s drone attacks killed innocent people too, but he never would, because killing 3rd world brown people is okay as far as conservatives are concerned.

    So anyway, can someone ask Halperin if he agrees that Romney is lying and Obama isn’t?

  • villemar

    Both sides of my brain think Halperin is a horrible prick

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Both sides do it? Sure. If what you look at is the left taking a two pound shit in your backyard while the right takes a two ton shit on your front lawn. Not exactly the same.

    Halperin is such a knob.

  • i_a_c

    Romney makes a birther joke and that reflects poorly on “both sides?”

    Stunning. Actually, not stunning. Nothing Halperin says should be surprising anymore. He goes to such great lengths to be so wrong that you can basically expect him to take the opposite side of objective facts or events with high probability.

  • missliberties

    Very astute observation.

    ” Mitt Romney’s shout-out to birtherism is a demonstration of how ugly “both sides” have become.”

    Slowly but surely the drip drip drip of monied republicans courting ignorance for political gain will come to bite them in the azz.

    Team Obama is drawing a bright red line under the extreme views of the GOP and we are starting to see some erosion of support from moderate GOP people, which is the key to *winning*!

  • zirgar

    I am so tired of having blatant stupidity being regarded as insight by the media that it’s giving me headaches. Halperin is so bad and wrong so often that the words “imcompetent” or “wrong” should just be replaced with the word “Halperin.”

    Man: “Holy shit, you drove over a homeless guy on the sidewalk!”

    Other man: “Yeah, but I only drove over him because I thought he wouldn’t notice and would thank me for it later.”

    Man: “Oh, damn! That’s Halperin as hell!!”