Election 2012

Known Liars Should be Banned from TV

Here's Sununu on CNN yesterday lying about welfare reform. Again.

Evidently, CNN prefaced the interview with a fact-check segment about the Romney campaign's obviously false assertion (and racial dog-whistle) that the president "weakened" or "gutted" welfare reform when, in fact, Republicans all across the country specifically requested latitude on further implementing the law. But this lie is at least two weeks old by now, and Sununu has proved himself to be a dishonest guest. Why continue to have him on? Known liars should be banned from television. The fact-checking can continue just fine without allowing the liar to repeat the same nonsense over and over and over. The end result is, once again, the presentation of "both sides" when one side is obviously and totally lying, and, therefore, shouldn't even get to be a "side."

  • D_C_Wilson

    You just need to use the proper disclaimers when he’s on screen.


  • JozefAL

    As long as FoxNoise is allowed to broadcast, known liars will ALWAYS have a home.

  • atlavely

    But, but… Ratings!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Krupski/100002308768984 Kevin Krupski

      That are in the crapper.CNN is a joke (well much more then the other cable news outlets).I mean just the other day Anderson Cooper was asking if American really care about Mittens tax return (YES!!!!!!!!! or ate least 55-70% do) but can’t call out the birthers which CNN host on of this nutjob at least twice a day to promote there shit book or bullshit “documentry”.

    • D_C_Wilson

      CNN has been dying a slow death for years now and Wolf Blitzer is one of the worst on the channel now. His show is utterly ridiculous, spending far more time on their gee-whiz holo-graphic technology like he’s the captain of the Starship Enterprise than actually covering issues of substance.