Mark Halperin

Mark Halperin is Always Wrong

My Monday column is an extended take-down of Mark Halperin's latest burst of hackery.

When we do the list of names that occupy the rogues gallery of political villains, Mark Halperin's name doesn't often make the cut. It's chiefly because Halperin doesn't shout or speechify at length like many cable news talking heads. Make no mistake, however. He should be on that list, and near the top.

He quietly sits around a desk on various NBC News shows with a totally lifeless/emotionless expression as if he was some sort of human-Romulan hybrid who recently time-warped around the sun in his emerald green warbird and landed in 2012 to observe our planet for possible colonization. So when he suddenly pops off with a line of horsecrap so egregious in its absurdity and so beyond the realms of what is accurate, insightful and right, it's difficult to believe that anyone this wrong and this off base would be as successful and ubiquitous as him.

Over the weekend, Halperin appeared on the Today Show to talk with Lester Holt about the campaign and, specifically, the issue of Mitt Romney's tax returns. Continue reading here.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Imagine Halperin and Bill Kristol locked in a room together and forced to argue the horse race narrative. That much wrong in one place could destroy the space-time continuum.

  • i_a_c

    Don’t forget this nugget. McCain not knowing how many houses he owns is… good news for John McCain!

  • KQµårk™

    Mark Halprin is one of those ‘centrists’ in the media Krugman always talks about because they buy all the false equivalency and faux narratives. He insists this is a 50-50 election because of the economy even though it’s an election of contrasting visions for the future with Richie Rich on one side and a reasonable man on the other.

  • zirgar

    Talk about having a Punch Me Face; Halperin has a Punch My Balls Face. Yeah, he’s hardly ever right about anything, but it doesn’t help matters when he comes across as smugly as he does, as if he really believes he’s adding something utterly profound to the discourse which otherwise wouldn’t be there.

    And by My Balls, I mean his.