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More Republican Fiscal Contradictions and Confusion in Tampa

My Thursday column continues to dissect the Republican contradictions about the debt with a mind-boggling example:

When a political party not only builds a convention theme but an entire political movement around lies, myopic slogans and total fiction, there are bound to be glaring contradictions, confused apparatchiks, gaffes and obvious flip-flops.

Yesterday, I wrote about the super-colossal flaws and contradictions surrounding the Romney/Republican attacks on President Obama regarding the deficit and debt. Not only are the Republicans primarily responsible for squandering the Clinton era surplus and turning it into record deficits and, hence, a huge national debt, but they refuse to acknowledge that the deficit is coming down and growth of the debt is slowing, and, in spite of the mathematical reality of it all, they continue to blame the Obama administration for the crazy high $15 trillion debt figure -- taking it at face value as a big scary number but not realizing that it was Republican policies that built it.

That dollar amount registering on the debt clock in the RNC area? The Republicans built that number, and economic experts across the nation agree that Mitt Romney will significantly add to it. Continue reading here.