Open Thread

No More Work

Artist - Chris Weyant

In other news, former President Bill Clinton will make his campaign debut by joining Priorities USA on the fundraising trail later this month.

It never stops being amusing to me that the Democrats can embrace Bill Clinton while George W. Bush remains toxic. Likewise, I expect President Obama will be wildly popular long after he leaves office. Possibly even more popular and more influential than he is now.

  • mrbrink

    “Democrats can embrace Bill Clinton while George W. Bush remains toxic.”

    That’s a great point and I was just talking about this the other day with a friend.

    George W. Bush was a such complete waste of time, lives, and skin he can’t even travel around the world, or the country, for that matter, speaking of American values and Democracy and humanity because, like the Republican party who backed him to near extinction, he hasn’t any. He offers the world no positive message post-presidency. He won’t even show his face at his party’s convention because he’d remind people who the Republican party really is. And these are the people lecturing the rest of us on leadership qualities and qualifications.

    Their party’s president is in hiding for fuck’s sake, and we’re still cleaning up their messes while they run around rewriting history.

    • Brutlyhonest

      Maybe someday they can redeem him retroactively. You know, like they did with St. Ronnie the Raygun.

      • mrbrink

        In the George W. Bush legacy rewrite, he kicks that pretzel’s ass!

      • ranger11

        I don’t think they will accomplish that with him. Reagan did have good approval numbers when he left office. Gorbachev helped him out a lot in the end especially after Iran/Contra.

    • D_C_Wilson

      And I really love the irony here. The president who was impeached for lying about an affair is held in higher esteem than his successor.

      Of course, there’s another reason Bush can’t travel the world and talk about American values: There are several countries that would arrest him on the spot for war crimes.