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No One Asked Me

I debated running this cartoon, but, this is the Romney campaign now.

Artist - Mitt Priggee

In other news, at a Hispanic outreach luncheon today, Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) called for denying disaster relief funding for Hurricane Isaac unless offsetting cuts can be made in the federal budget.

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  • Zen Diesel

    It’s pretty much sums up what the wingnuts on the right been saying behind closed doors, but dare not say publicly.

  • Christine Mitchell

    It’s true, not offensive. That’s exactly what’s behind all the birther crap.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Check out the clip Letterman plays of the rmoneys on faux.

    It’s from the 27 August show and starts about 7:30 in. Neither they nor wallace can keep a straight face. Dave, in classic form, titles the segment, “Ann and Mitt Romney Lies.”

  • mdblanche

    What does denying disaster relief have to do with Hispanic outreach?

  • mrbrink

    I watched half of CNN’s, “Mitt Romney Road To Power” last night before I watched the clown car convention speeches tonight. They’re lucky they got cut short due to weather. Mother nature did them a solid. Not satisfied with that, they’re now asking God to destroy New Orleans aagin.

    But I was watching, Mitt Romney: Road To Power, I loved being reminded that Mitt Romney was FOR the war in Vietnam, and actually protested anti-war protesters with stupid, sheltered, preppy-school kid signs, and everything. And to show his principled activist-support for sending other kids to die for a lie in war, he ran off to France to convert the french to Mormonism. Door to door. Cold-calling for some version of Jesus. “Parlez-vous Anglais…?”

    Meanwhile, back in the states, where they were changing the world, Ann, vowed to wait forever for Mitt while he was off doing his patriotic duty in his pants, by dating other guys and getting on with her life. But, apparently, while she was waiting for Mitt by dating other guys and getting on with her life, she got a phone call one night from George Romney, saying that little Mitt was involved in a car accident while driving with a french Mormon couple strapped to the roof of the car, and Mitt, might be, could be…. dead!? Gasp!

    “Oh no!” she must have mumbled, as she sipped her mescaline jello shot while dating whole piles of orgies and getting on with her life. But the reports were false! Mitt was alive!

    That must have come as a relief to Ann, who was learning the ways of men and learning the role of Mormon women back home in a religion with a nurturing history of polygamy, “the old ways,” as she was probably told by the Assembly of Elders, while Mitt was hiding out in France, George Romney seemed to be picking up the man-slack.

    There’s a weird, shape-shiftery gleam in Ann Romney’s eyes. Reptilian. Yes. And when she talked, nay, almost seductively-ish wet her lips and reminisced is more like it, about her relationship with George Romney, a hard-selling used car salesman by trade/an unexceptional wealthy Mormon politician by cause, there was something in her face that said, while Mitt was away and she was making it a point to be dating other guys, “George Romney was a man who taught me many, many things in those uncertain times of Mitt Romney hiding out in France.”

    Ann Romney, the whole Romney family, gives off an incestuous, inbred vibe that says, “some of those boys were built by George.” Yes. It’s creepy to me in a royal bloodline sort of way. Birthright douchery.

    And, like Laura Bush all those years ago on a clear Texas road( yes, I’ll go there because they all like to taunt Ted Kennedy to this day as if they don’t have their own accidental skeletons and a pocket-scorecard), Mitt Romney was also involved in a car accident that killed someone– the elderly wife of the elderly man in his car. They said, the report said, they were slammed by a drunken Frenchman, basically, but I’m not sure Mitt Romney knows how to drive, or knew where he was, or that there are different rules for driving in the gated communities of foreign countries. I don’t feel comfortable with Mitt Romney driving a conversation.

    After the accident, Mitt Romney said he woke up in a french hospital with a bump on his head. He couldn’t remember any details. He couldn’t remember what happen, and didn’t know who got hurt. The whole thing was a blur. Much like his understanding of human emotion in that event, or the human emotion attached to the historical events that shaped America’s culture and diversity for the passed 100 years– The reason we have labor laws, protections for women and minorities. The self-evident truths we’ve long realized as a democracy. Like, a safety net for the victims of wealth income inequality.

    Ann Romney and George Romney having an affair that may or may not have resulted in at least one of Mitt’s sons? Sure! Why not? Sounds plausible. Some are saying it. Or Mitt Romney killing a lady in France? Sounds like Mitt Romney! Ooooh. Or what about Mitt Romney in France having a gay affair with a Mormon missionary, while he was dodging the draft? Who said that?! I don’t know, but let’s ask everyday American people about it in a million dollar ad in all the swing states!

    When they ask Obama about his birth certificate– again, or ponder his secret plot to instill policies that were handed down from the anti-christ, maybe we can ask them to produce a DNA test proving Mitt’s sons don’t belong to his father. Demand to see proof that he didn’t kill that lady in France. Prove that he wasn’t having gay sex with a Mormon missionary while hiding out in France.

    All things being equal, of course.

    • bphoon

      You oughta write a book…

    • Brutlyhonest

      1) I have to stop reading this site just before trundling off to bed. At least tonight I’m going to resist the urge to pile on those absolutely fake, completely pretentious assholes and simply say,

      b) Bravo, sir!

  • i_am_allwrite

    No need to debate whether to post or not to post that cartoon–it belongs. I frankly believe–truly believe, I’m not just saying it as a rhetorical device–that the batshit craziness of conservatives is inversely tied to their ability to say “nigger” in public. They can’t get away with it at all anymore, and they are imeasurably fucking nuts.

    • Draxiar

      They can’t get away with saying it in public…that’s true. It does make me wonder how often it is said behind closed political doors though.

      I would go so far as to even say that they only put up with Hermain Cain and Allen West because it gives the illusion of racial diversity.When those two aren’t in the room, guess what they’re probably called…

  • Michael Norris

    Concerning the cartoon Ashby: How long did you debate with yourself? I think that is what was communicated clearly.

    • JMAshby

      About 10 minutes.

  • nicole

    Oh fuck it. I’m trying to sit through Ann-the-faker-Romney as she “talks to us through her heart”, and something about deeper solace and love.

    Christ. I can’t stand that phony.

    • Michael Norris

      Nicole–I can tell from your posts that we are kindred spirits. So I’m begging you: Don’t do this to yourself. Just move on–there is nothing to see there. Nothing good comes from watching Ann Romney. Remember, we are “you people.”

  • D_C_Wilson

    Nothing like a senator from a landlocked state to say we need to delay hurricane relief with a storm barreling down on the Gulf States. That’s almost as callous as say, a southern governor mocking volcano monitoring right before a volcano erupts in the Pacific Northwest.

    But we know that would never happen, right Bobby Jindal?

    • bphoon

      Please, his real name’s Piyush Jindal.

  • Clusterpuck

    Do the Republicans draw names out of a hat to see who states that phrase (…no relief without offsetting cuts…)? Or, is it like the first to spout that douchy phrase gets a gold star?

  • Victor_the_Crab

    The only offsetting cuts that need to be made should be to Congressman Labrador’s tiny penis and ballsack for that asshole suggestion of his.

  • i_a_c

    The RNC really is something. A whole convention centered around an out-of-context lie. It sums up the state of the GOP nicely.

  • nicole

    offsetting cuts ……these people are unfricking believably sociopathic. Seriously.

    Adding……as a white person, I am freaking THRILLED that we will no longer be the majority race in this country in 30 years. If a race ever deserved a time out, we’re it.

  • prcleburne

    It is clear from his name : he is a son of a bitch.