Election 2012

Oh Good. Citizens United Has a New Movie Out.

Here's the CNN team attempting to corner Steve Bannon, the director of a new Citizens United documentary about the Obama administration.

So it's 90 minutes of concern trolling. Poorly-informed focus group doofs remarking about how President Obama let them down, assembled and edited by Republicans. There are few things that are more insufferable than a focus group audience who are paid to express their opinions irrespective of how ridiculous. The only thing more insufferable is a focus group audience that's as totally misinformed as these people.

  • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

    I don’t know if I’m going to even freaking live through this damn election, I am daily so frustrated/freaked out!

  • bphoon

    A) These days “Democratic strategist Pat Caddell” is an oxymoron–emphasis on the “moron”. At least Bannon called him a Democratic stategist…

    B) I will give the CNN crew credit for laughing at Bannon when he said, “This is not a pro-Romney film…” Yeah, sure, bub–my ass it ain’t.

    C) It galls me no end when some “conservative” doof accuses the president of “not keeping his promises”. Bannon claims Obama’s “supporters” in the film thought he’d “focus on the economy and jobs, put people back to work…”. Point: he has focused on the economy and jobs and has been obstructed every step of the way by the GOP in Congress. Congressional Republicans have worked their asses off to sabotage the economy and now point their fingers at President Obama and accuse him of either failing or “doing nothing to put people back to work”. When a body engineers failure then blames its opposition for that failure, it’s more than simply dishonest, it’s a lie and deserves to be called so. To the extent that so-called “journalists” (what Jim Rome used to call “news actors”) abet the propagation of that lie, they are being intellectually–and professionally–dishonest, to put it charitably. I sit in front of the teevee sometimes and almost literally scream, “That’s a lie! Call that motherfucker out, goddamn it!” Hardly ever happens…to my utter frustration. So, I will give Roland Sands credit for calling those “opinions” what they are: lies.
    1) I know that it’s not popular in this forum to refer to anything that happens on “The Newsroom” as “good”, but watch the last couple of episodes. The Will AcAvoy character says some things that I have longed to hear real News Actors say about the GOP…too bad he’s preaching to the choir.

    And too bad we’re preaching largely to the choir here…

    • Chris Andersen

      Who was the last Democrat that Pat Caddell worked for?

      • bphoon

        Presidential candidates: Jerry Brown in ’92. Democratic US Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff of Colorado in 2010.

        He’s also a Faux News Contributor.