Election 2012

Ohio’s Husted Continues War Against Voting

The Secretary of State in Ohio, Jon Husted, has upped the ante in his attempt to disenfranchise Democratic voters:

The two Democratic members of the Montgomery County Board of Elections have been fired, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said in a letter released Tuesday afternoon. [...]

Husted said in his letter that board members are free to express their discontent with any directive or advisory issued, "but they cannot disobey them." [...]

The move by Husted, the state's chief elections official, was the latest in a series of flare ups over when Ohioans can cast an early ballot in person in the presidential battleground state. The issue essentially broke down along political party lines. Ohio is one of 32 states, plus the District of Columbia, that allow voters to cast an early ballot by mail or in person without having to give a reason.

And that's not the worst of it. Just wait until the next post regarding disenfranchisement in Florida.

  • chris castle

    Could someone please answer the following, non-rhetorical, question: Why can’t the Justice Department put a stop to these shenanigans vis-a-vis the Voting Rights Act, or some other protective measure?

    • D_C_Wilson

      DOJ is trying. Unfortunately, the only hammer they have is to take each state to court and that takes time.