Election 2012

Paul Ryan is Very Serious About Ballooning The Deficit

The primary causes of today's deficit and the largest contributor to the national debt continue to be Bush-era policies. Policies that Paul Ryan voted for.

Paul Ryan voted for the Iraq war.

He voted for Medicare Part D.

He voted for TARP.

He voted for the Bush Tax Cuts. Twice.

He also voted for the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, HR 5140.

Paul Ryan is not a deficit hawk, and he's not a "serious budget cutter." He's a fake. A reverse Robin Hood who takes advantage of the media's malfeasance to push an austerity agenda, which includes austerity for "you people" and none for their betters, designed to funnel money to the top at the expense of the deficit and the national debt.

Or as Charles Pierce put it earlier this week

[E]very time he comes up with another "budget," actual economists get a look at it and determine, yet again, that between "What We Should Do" and "Great Things That Will Happen When We Do" is a wilderness of dreamy nonsense, wishful thinking, and an asterisk the size of Lake Huron. At which point, Republicans who'd like to have careers in five years take to hiding behind the drapes when he comes down the hall. Then, a few months later, he's at it again. And even some putatively liberal commentators shrug and tell themselves that, at least, Paul Ryan is a Serious Person. He gets credit for sincerely wanting to "reform" entitlements, when his entire career makes it quite plain that he doesn't believe in the concept of entitlements, let alone the ones we actually have.

The only real fiscal conservative in the race at this point, if the phrase still has any meaning, is President Obama.

  • http://twitter.com/JimmyAbra Jimmy Abraham

    Let’s be honest, we has a BA in PolySci and Econ…So, this tells me he wanted to be a lawyer or a politician… It appears he lacked the motivation and got a job with a politician and became a career politician. Because he has the BA in econ (not not a BS or advanced degree which would have covered real econ analysis, not just light theory and Supply and Demand basics) they treat him like an economist – maybe because the other “economist” righties like is a doctor who only knows a radical view Austrian theory and a fetish with the gold standard…So, now they have their ‘economist’ just trying to come up with “plans” thinking he knows something. He just rolls out the same conservative garbage based solely on cuts in services they believe they will never use and cut their taxes because they think they are completely independent from the rest of society.

  • eljefejeff

    “he also voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the stimulus).”

    My memory is that not a single republican congressperson voted for the stimulus. I know only 3 republican senators voted for it which is the only reason it passed the 60 vote threshold. Maybe you’re thinking of something else. Maybe that Ryan has shamelessly taken credit for the funds it brought his district?

    • JMAshby

      I updated to clarify. Wrong stimulus. He voted for HR5140.

      He also voted for a $14 billion bailout of GM and Chrysler.