Election 2012

Paul Ryan Slams His Own Medicare Plan

In Ohio yesterday:

“The president, I’m told, is talking about Medicare today,” Ryan said. “We want this debate.”

Ryan went on to say that “what I don’t think he’ll be telling people is that the president took $716 billion from the Medicare program — he raided it to pay for Obamacare.”

That's hilarious because Ron Paul Ryan included the exact same Medicare savings in his ridiculous budget plan (though it's not $716 billion -- both Obamacare and Ryan's plan contain just over $400 billion in savings from waste, fraud and abuse). This "very serious" sidekick is inextricably tied to the Romney Lie Machine now.

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    Democrats need to stop saying they are just the same cuts because what the cuts pay for are completely different. The president’s cuts go to extending the life of Medicare and closing the drug doughnut hole. While Ryan’s cuts go to more tax breaks for the rich.