Paul Ryan To Headline The Rape Apologists Summit

Paul Ryan is scheduled to headline the Values Voters Summit, which will be held on September 14th through the 16th in Washington D.C., and those who will be in attendance include the entire list of sociopaths who have defended Rep. Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments and said he was "absolutely right" about women's bodies magical ability to shut that whole pregnancy thing down.

The event’s chief sponsor, the Family Research Council, leapt to Akin’s defense. The group’s political action committee complained today that Akin was “getting a very bad break here” and pledged to “support him fully and completely.”

Speaking from the RNC platform committee meeting, FRC president Tony Perkins warned Sen. Scott Brown to back off from his criticism of Akin: “He has been off the reservation on a number of Republican issues, conservative issues I should say. His support among conservatives is very shallow.” [...]

The American Family Association is another major sponsor. The group’s spokesperson, Bryan Fischer said that Akin was “absolutely right.” Continuing, he said that the trauma of a “real, genuine rape, a case of forcible rape” would make it impossible or difficult for a woman to conceive. Meanwhile, of the high-profile endorsers listed on Akin’s website, Mike Huckabee and Reps. Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Jim Jordan will be featured speakers at the Values Voter Summit.

Of course Mike Huckabee also says rape babies aren't so bad and that some women are liars, Steve King has sick fantasies about impregnating young girls and "dropping them off at the swing-set," and Michele Bachmann believes women are casually visiting Planned Parenthood for abortions between their visits to Starbucks and the supermarket.

From his perch on the GOP convention platform committee, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, has also lead the charge to deny the inclusion of even same-sex civil unions in the official party platform.

Ryan can't risk upsetting this deranged group of sociopaths, because they're all the GOP has at this point. They are the hand that feeds Romney/Ryan.

This is the Republican party.

(ht RightWingWatch)

  • Todd Cline

    I know, he’ll be a top headliner at the GOP convention.

  • Treading_Water

    I’ve said it before. I miss the days when there was a crazy Republican fringe. Remember? They were embarrassed by David Duke. Now he would be a leading contender for the V.P. nod. When do the few remaining rational Republicans get fed up and fix their party?

    You know it’s a strange election when the Republican nominee continues running his primary campaign well into August.