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Romney to Cut PBS Funding While Ryan and GOP Protect Big Oil

My Thursday column seeks the spirit of Mr. Fred Rogers to set Mitt Romney straight about PBS and corporate welfare.

It wouldn't be a presidential election year if the Republican nominee didn't threaten to cut funding to several "liberal" institutions that rely upon federal money: Amtrak, PBS, the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Yesterday, Mitt Romney did exactly that.

Like Medicare and Social Security, Republicans have been trying to kill PBS since the Nixon administration. You might have seen the inspiring Senate address by Fred Rogers in defense of PBS programming. Take some time to watch it and come back.

Okay, so we can only wish that Mr. Rogers was alive today to speak the same words to Mitt Romney. Of course the speech would probably fall upon deaf ears and Romney would likely begin to eat Mr. Rogers' medicine for fuel -- because robots are strong. Continue reading here.

  • mnpollio

    Love the clip. This never would have worked today, because the Congress critters would never allow a PBS children’s show the kind of respect that they were allowing in that clip. Mr. Rogers would have been soundly denounced as a Socialist pig feeding at the government trough and maybe a Communist to boot. Rush Limbaugh would have ridiculed him 24/7, FOX News would have depicted him as a dangerous liberal using your government tax dollars to corrupt your children, and Ann Coulter would have attacked his manhood! And all of that would have started before he finished his testimony.

  • muselet

    I’ve said before, counting for Righties is very strange: they’re fine with units and tens and hundreds, start to struggle a bit with thousands, and above that it’s just a bunch of indistinguishable big numbers that end in -illion. Million, billion, trillion, they’re all same thing.

    Which of course leads to the favorite argument of the people who compulsively write letters to the editor: cutting PBS will reduce our budget deficit by hundreds of millions of dollars, and while that’s not enough, it’s a good start!

    Did these people all fail arithmetic in third grade?


  • zirgar

    Romney’s response: “Does not *buffering, buffering* compute.”