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The Next Biggest Romney Lie, With a Side of Race-Baiting

My 70th column for The Daily Banter expands upon something Ashby posted yesterday: Romney's next huge whopper lie about the president and welfare reform.

To recap: over the weekend, Romney wrote on The Facebook that President Obama was trying to disenfranchise military voters in Ohio when, in fact, the president was actually trying to extend weekend early voting to all Ohio voters including members of the military. Romney flagrantly lied about the Justice Department's lawsuit to overturn the Ohio Republican law that ended weekend voting.

No sooner could everyone scramble to debunk this nonsense, but a new Romney commercial was released on Tuesday that contained a grotesquely misleading statement. The video falsely claims the president tried to "gut" President Clinton's welfare reform legislation from 1996.

Big-time lie. Continue reading here...

  • IrishGrrrl

    Ugh, I’m listening to NPR’s Political Junky and they’ve got some idiot from Politifact bald faced lying and bemoaning the ugly tone of the election. I want to reach through the radio and choke them.

    • stacib23

      I heard Sam Stein on Morning Joe crying about both sides do it and how unfair the Priorities for America ad is against Romney. When Robert Gibbs pointed out one huge difference being that a super PAC put out the Obama ad, but Romney’s campaign put out the ad lying about welfare – everybody on the set pretended there is no difference between the two.

      Sam Stein has been a big disappointment since he started being a regular on that show. Something weird happens to Democrats/Progressives/Liberals when they get a regular seat at that table.