This Isn’t Creepy At All

Bryan Fischer wants to kidnap your kids to prevent them from being raised by LGBT parents.

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer has sunk to a new, disturbing low with his anti-gay statements. In two separate tweets last night, he called for an “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households.” In one tweet he was referring to the sad story of Lisa Miller, who, after declaring herself ex-gay, kidnapped her daughter away to Central America to prevent her former partner from having any custody. (She is still being tracked by federal agents as a fugitive of the law.)

Because nothing says Family Values like kidnapping kids from their family homes and legal guardians.

I would remind you that The American Family Association is a proud supporter of Chick-Fil-A and the Republican 2012 campaign.

  • Draxiar

    At some point this sort of shit has got to break…

  • Natalie Rose Apar

    I love how the people who are always going on about how LGBTQ folk can’t be parents are the same people who are completely unwilling to adopt children themselves. Actions speak louder. LOVE speaks louder.

  • Susan A. P.

    This guy must be itching to come out. If someone thinks about gays 24-7, he’s gotta be gay.

  • Justin Rosario

    It’s wonderful because stealing children is JUST LIKE helping slaves escape!

  • Justin Rosario

    Hah! I JUST wrote an article about this!

  • nicole

    I hope that the FBI will be keeping very close tabs on the AFA. Disgusting creeps.

    (and people wonder why so many of us are anti-organized religion)

    • Victor_the_Crab

      I hope they arrest this lowlife, Bryan Fischer, immediatly.