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This Will Totally Fire You Up x 1000

Okay, so I don't normally pay attention to Hannity because he's not only way too easy to debunk, he's also nothing more than a GOP memo parrot. Oh, and I've heard he's faking it -- that he's just doing an act. But I couldn't resist this clip, however, because it has to do with Voter ID laws. So I jumped in head first because it's an issue I've been covering.

Here it is. Hannity and Don Imus' sidekick shouting down a liberal guest about civility and Voter ID laws.

The first part is total Jon Stewart fodder: Hannity shouting down a liberal guest -- repeatedly interrupting him -- while demanding "civility" in politics. Yeah okay.

Regarding Voter ID, Hannity and the dude from Midnight Oil tried to make the case that people need an ID to rent a movie, so they should have an ID to vote. Is renting a movie a fundamental and universal right of citizenship and civic duty? Of course it's not. Furthermore, the process of registering to vote involves identification anyway -- plus there have been roughly 13 cases of voter fraud in the last ten years. 10. And also -- oh whatever. Once again, I'm trying to rationalize facile, simplistic nonsense from a professional carnival barker.

Ultimately, it's worth noting that Hannity is the second highest rated show on all of cable news. This is what cable news viewers are hearing every night. So if you think this election is over and the president will cruise to victory, you're out of your mind.

(h/t The Law Office of Edward Tayter)

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Couldn’t watch it. Sean Hannity’s dumb ignorance is radioactive.

  • nicole

    Hannity is a lackey. An overpaid propagandist for the plutocrats….and a bleeding ugly, rude, miserable jerk of a human being.

  • missliberties

    I saw that. It’s kind of weird. I never watch Fox News, but I watch a part of Sean’s show last night.

    They are getting louder, interupting more often. It was wholly unbearable. Does anyone even watch these shows?

    • Paul Morgan

      My mom does. Never made more than $40K a year, I’d guess. He’s hurting real people.

  • chris

    there are a lot of voters in PA who were born in Puerto Rico. Any BC before 2010 from Puerto Rico is considered invalid to get a license or ID. Older Puerto Ricans in PA will NOT be able to vote. This is blatant discrimination.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Oh, another thing….the stuff that Hannity thinks is not civil is NOTHING compared to how ugly it will get if they keep disenfranchising voters and destroying the middle class. Woe betide the 1% if we lose the middle class….it will be riot time then (not advocating, just predicting). Now THAT would incivility–justified anger and incivility, but still.

    And since it was such a childish exchange, part of me wishes the liberal guest had stood up, grabbed his junk and said, “I got your incivility right here”

  • Ned F

    The shoutdown shutout is de rigueur for conservative newsertainment. Basically the same as putting fingers in your ears and going “lalalala”.

  • zirgar

    Well, it’s easier to shout people down than to rebutt or refute them with facts and proper debating procedure. I mean, it must be–shouting people down and talking over them is Hannity’s sole technique.

  • Beth

    Walking into a video store, showing your credit card or license and getting a movie rental card for free is a hell of a lot easier than hunting down a birth certificate (or paying for a copy), taking a day off work and standing in line at the DMV to get an ID.

    Besides, the point of ID to rent a movie is to pay for it if you never return it – try renting a movie with just a license.

    • Ned F

      Are there still video stores?

    • agrazingmoose

      If you can find a DMV. Most of our have closed.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Not only are they closed, in some states their hours have been limited. I spent hours and hours out of work first trying to get a new copy of my Social Security Card and then my DL. All so I could get a new job. Which reminds me, did anyone notice how Gov. Brewer issued an executive order saying the state agencies can’t issue DL’s to the Dreamers that signed up for deferred deportation yesterday. So now they STILL won’t be able to get jobs. Between this BS on Hannity and my Gov, I am royally pissed off.

        • chris

          9 counties in PA don’t even have DMVs. PA has the least amount of public sector workers per capita. And now the system is being overflooded with people trying to get IDs they never previously had to have. It’s a brilliant, utterly despicable law.

          • IrishGrrrl

            I just can’t believe they upheld that law and what’s worse, the Judge used a really old case that was decided based on blatant bigotry. What’s more, I don’t understand how the court could just ignore the verifiable fact that the State simply cannot educate and get IDs for all for all of those people. Hell, the state isn’t really even trying! I’m betting this will go to SCOTUS but how many elections will those people miss out in the meantime?

    • Jeremy Grunloh

      Also, renting a video and buying booze is not a constitutional right that people have died for.

  • GrafZeppelin127
  • BenAu

    The Midnight Oil comment struck me as quite funny…seeing as Peter Garrett has been a member of the Australian House of Representatives (similar to Congress) since 2004, and is currently the Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth. He is (of course) a member of the left-wing party, the Australian Labor Party, and takes his orders from our unmarried (in defacto relationship), childless, declared-Atheist, female Prime Minister.

    I think he would probably puke if forced to watch this clip.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Floved Midnight Oil. The Dead Heart was my favourite song from them.

  • chris

    you don’t actually need an ID to receive welfare if you are receiving social security.

  • eljefejeff

    damn right, totally pissed me off!