Worst Persons

Worst Person in the World

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine is a scumbag.

via Gawker

Back in my country, my president is trying to pass a gun ban so he's staging all of these murders like the Fast and Furious thing down at the boarder and Aurora, Colorado, all the people that were killed there. And now the beautiful people at the Sikh temple.

Nothing says American patriotism like spreading your unhinged conspiracy theories while on tour in another country then implying you may become an ex-pat.

Mustaine endorsed Rick Santorum during the Republican primary. The NRA is very proud.

  • drsquid

    He always said he’d play the keytar if someone drove a nail into his skull first. Looks like he started playing it.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Who, or what, the hell is megadeth?

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      LOL they were nothing when they were something and now they’re even less than nothing.

  • mrbrink

    It’s obviously the president’s policies that make them so fucking crazy and racist.

  • http://twitter.com/morganducks Paul Morgan

    I don;t question his patriotism any more than I questions that of the Dixie Chicks. But if the media doesn’t treat him the same… well, we know that won;t happen.

    • ninjaf

      I never questioned the Dixie Chicks’ patriotism, either. :-)

      But you can bet the same people who were out there burning their CDs and boycotting their music will be fist pumping and cheering Mr. Mustaine for “speaking the truth to the Impostor in Chief.” And they will rationalize it by saying he had to go overseas to speak his mind because freedom of speech is in danger (or some such nonsense).

      Cue the hypocrisy! hehehe

  • Guest

    what a know nothing punk. Time for a boycott of Megadeath and Ted Nugent.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Has the rest of Megadeath commented on his birferism and conspiracy theories? I’d be interested in hearing what they think about touring with this loon. Are they on the same page?

  • eljefejeff

    this has-been is an aging embarrassment to rockers everywhere

    • D_C_Wilson

      Maybe he and Ted Nugent will go on tour together after the election. Sponsored by Fox, of course.

  • ninjaf

    Didn’t the right stop just shy of lynching the Dixie Chicks for doing the same thing – bad mouthing the Commander in Chief on foreign soil during war time?

    Oh…that was when the Commander in Chief was “their” guy. This time, it is just a good, ol’ ‘murican exercising his first amendment rights about his second amendment freedoms.

    • D_C_Wilson

      I’m sure our liberal media will be all over this and we’ll be hearing about the massive boycott of Megadeath spearheaded by ClearChannel just like what happened to the Dixie Chicks.

      Hold your breath. I’m sure it’ll happen.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Yeah, that was my first thought too….the Dixie Chicks and just how frickin hypocritical the right can be.

  • muselet

    From the US Department of State:

    Carrying Firearms: There are strict penalties for those who possess or carry arms, or who commit crimes with arms. Singaporean authorities define “arm” as any firearm, air-gun, air-pistol, automatic gun, automatic pistol, and any other kind of gun or pistol from which any shot, bullet, or other projectiles can be discharged or from which noxious liquid, flame, or fumes can be emitted, and any component thereof. This definition also includes any bomb or grenade and any component thereof. The unlawful possession of any arm or ammunition, including a single bullet in your luggage as you transit the airport, could result in imprisonment and caning. If you are convicted of committing a crime with an arm, you could receive punishment which could result in the maximum penalty of imprisonment for life and caning.

    Or, if one prefers, here’s Wikipedia:

    Citizens in Singapore must obtain a license to lawfully possess firearms and/or ammunition; applicants must provide justification for the license, such as target shooting or self-defense. Target shooting licenses permit ownership of a gun, stored in an approved and protected firing range. Self-defense permits are nearly never granted, unless one can justify the ‘imminent threat to life that cannot be reasonably removed’. Citizens are not allowed to possess pistols over .32 caliber, or automatic weapons.

    Oh, hey, and he’s a birfer, too. What a surprise.