Worst Persons

Worst Persons in the World

These Fox News Channel idiots for questioning Gabby Douglas' patriotism.

On last week's "America Live," guest-host Alisyn Camerota discussed how "some folks" noticed that the "famous flag-styled outfits" of Olympics past were replaced by "yellow shirts, grey track suits and pink leotards" at the London games. Camerota and her guest, Sirius/XM radio host David Webb, took particular focus on Douglas' outfit. [...]

"What's wrong with showing some pride?" He likened the uniform choice to a "kind of soft anti-American feeling that Americans can't show their exceptionalism." Camerota pointed out how other nations, like China, wore nationalistic colors.

"We're a very nationalistic nation," Webb said of America. "But we've also lost over time that jingoistic feeling."

Whah? What does red, white and blue have to do with "exceptionalism?" The flag has nothing to do with feeling like America is the greatest nation ever fuck yeah. Oh, and newsflash, "jingoism" isn't a good thing.

Did these doofs watch any swimming events in which Phelps and Lochte were wearing black swim trunks?

  • Curtis Robert Tyree

    What I find interesting is that this Alisyn lady is citing David Sirota as the source for the discussion. One, she reads Sirota? And two, who cares what he says?

  • Brutlyhonest

    Well, she is teh black so they can’t really give her full support or the racists that make faux successful will smash their teevees rawr

    • stacib23

      Yeah, she probably only got her spot through affirmative action anyway. /snark

  • http://twitter.com/bubblegenius Bubble Genius

    Colbert did an awesome takedown of this last night.

  • Draxiar

    I saw that interview and well gee, he’s wearing a black suit with a *gasp* purple tie! TREASON! He’s not patriotic enough! Where’s his flag tie? I see no lapel pin! And of all the nerve to not have an Uncle Sam beard! Curse you America hater! I weep for your lack of nationalism. Why don’t you just light the Constitution on fire and piss on the Eternal Flame while you’re at it?


    Slinging this sort of low grade journalistic dog food around on FOX News he’s the last one that should be complaining about showing exceptionalism.

  • http://twitter.com/FritzEcokoehn ekonokoehn

    Correct me if I am wrong, isn’t it against flag code to have it designed in clothing? Even flag patches really shouldn’t be allowed on anyone other than military, police, and firemen. Also, did anyone see the uni at the opening ceremonies the Germans came out in?? NOthing like their colors…that would have made Fox’s head explode if it were us!

    • KanaW

      I used to think it was against the code, but it seems it’s only using an actual flag as clothing that’s the problem. Fabric with designs of the flag are okay, I believe.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    What’s wrong with showing pride, he asks? Probably because when a propaganda outfit like Fox News attempts to set the tone for what’s patriotic in America and what isn’t, you’d feel an overwhelming sense of shame.

  • gescove

    If ONLY we had lost that “jingoistic feeling” over time. You know, that rabid America F*ck Yeah nationalism that gave us the gifts of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Why do people subject themselves to the moronic drivel that spills out of Fox “News”?

  • zirgar

    How dare the Olympic committee not make the highest award out of Stars and Stripes instead of gold!

  • freakishlystrong

    Phelps and Lochte are not blah. That is all.

  • zirgar

    Gee, call me old fashioned but I thought we showed our exceptionalism by going out there and kicking as much ass as possible in each and every event. Silly, I know. Also, didn’t Gabby Douglas win a Gold? THAT seems pretty exceptional to me. Still, it’s a good thing all these right-wingers over at FOX News show just how incredibly patriotic they are by wearing their little flag pins and whatnot, otherwise no one would even know.

    • stacib23

      Also, didn’t Gabby Douglas win a Gold?

      Two, and she’s still getting shit because winning gold in the Olympics – everybody can do it while their hair is fabulously styled and draped in a coal-encrusted American flag.