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Several days ago we discussed how one Louisiana charter school was forcing girls suspected of being pregnant to submit to pregnancy tests or be kicked out of school. The rule was challenged by the ACLU and the Delhi charter school has now backed down.

That's the good news.

The baffling news is they had no idea there was anything wrong with the policy, according to the school chairman.

NEW ORLEANS — A Louisiana charter school is changing a policy that kicked pregnant students out of class and required them to be home-schooled, the school's board chairman said Wednesday.

No one at Delhi Charter School in rural northeast Louisiana realized there was anything wrong with the policy until the American Civil Liberties Union's state chapter threatened to sue, said chairman Albert Christman. The policy has gotten "everybody up in a roar," he said. [...]

Louisiana Department of Education spokesman Barry Landry said he did not know the state's policies for pregnant students or whether they apply to private and religious schools getting tuition vouchers.

Oh. We're just forcing your daughters to undergo pregnancy tests and kicking them out if they refuse or if they test positive. You're telling me there's something wrong with that?

If the spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Education doesn't know what the state's policy is, why does he have that job?

Direct knowledge of the law should not be considered a prerequisite for determining the policy was wrong anyway. If not legally then morally. And for people who claim to adhere to traditional values, they don't seem to have any.

I'm a godless liberal heathen and where I come from invading someone else's life in this way is unthinkable.

According to the Delhi charter school chairman Albert Christman, only "a handful" of girls were kicked out because of the pregnancy test rule. That's one too many.

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  • muselet

    I can’t guarantee I’m right—I seem to remember reading this, but I’m too lazy to find out for sure—but I think Bobby Jindal’s voucher plan exempts non-public schools from just about all state regulations. It’s disappointing, but not entirely surprising, that a flack for the Louisiana Department of Education wouldn’t be clear on the point.

    Still, one would think any school would make a point of being aware of federal laws and regulations like Title IX. Makes you wonder what else Delhi Charter School isn’t doing right, don’t it?

    And I especially like Albert Christman’s mangling of the English language: The policy has gotten “everybody up in a roar,” he said. Is our children learning?


    • KanaW

      Is our children learning?

      Obviously not in that place. . .

      • Draxiar

        If nothing else they may be learning to get out of 3rd World Louisiana.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    The derp is strong in this one.

  • mrbrink

    School Principal: Mary Jane, we’re sending you home because we have it on good authority that you are pregnant and we don’t want the others to see you like that.

    Mary Jane: But it’s your baby.

    School Principal: No, It’s God’s baby.

  • Bob Rutledge

    The whole thing is very wrong, yes, but it’s nothing new. This sort of behaviour has been around forever. When I was in HS in the 1970’s, a classmate was transferred to “a girls’ school” for one semester, because she needed “special tutoring”. Right.

  • BenAu

    “girls suspected of being pregnant”…how does that work exactly? Is it the rumour mill or if you’ve put on a few pounds that singles you out? Who is responsible for bailing up a young girl and informing them that they seem like someone who has been impregnated recently and could you please come pee on this stick. Does someone have to watch to make sure they’re not using someone else’s urine?

    I’m a so-called born-again Christian and I (and every Christian I know) would consider “invading someone else’s life in this way” unthinkable as well.

    • KanaW

      Most likely their PE teacher (if they still have PE, anyway) is supposed to notice if the girls aren’t taking time off for ‘monthlies’…
      Who knows what they have in mind. Or if they have any minds to put thoughts into.