Conspiracy Theory

As you're probably aware of by now, every pollster except Gallup has a well-known liberal bias and the fact that every single poll shows President Obama with a lead over Mitt Romney is a conspiracy perpetrated by the liberal media.

And here comes Gallup to save the day.

The Gallup daily tracking poll today gives President Barack Obama a 6-point lead over Mitt Romney, up from 3 points on Tuesday. The president leads his Republican challenger, 50 percent to 44 percent.

Obama saw a 2-point upswing from Tuesday, while Romney's support fell a point.

This is Obama's biggest lead in the Gallup tracking poll since a bounce from the Democratic National Convention gave him a 50-43 lead over Romney in polling through Sept. 11.

Oh. Maybe not.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Obviously, Gallup has been blackmailed into joining the conspiracy. Maybe Obama threatened their families just like to did to Chief Justice Roberts. That’s the only possible explanation.

    There’s still Rasmussen, which has the race at a statistical tie.

    Damn, you know when Rasmussen can’t fudge the numbers to put Romney ahead, he’s truly fucked.

  • Greg Stevens

    Poll sampling (like most things involving math and science) has a well known Liberal Bias!


  • i_a_c

    Rasmussen! Rasmussen!

    I hope the wingnuts keep looking for the closest national horserace polls, because the worst-kept secret in polling rests in the electoral college.