Creepy Robot of the Day

This nightmarish thing will chase down the last remaining humans when the metal ones rise up to exterminate us.

  • muselet

    I like the headline on Tim Hornyak’s article at CNET: All hope lost as Cheetah robot outruns Usain Bolt

    Hornyak’s first sentence: “Run, don’t walk, if you want to get away from this cheetah robot.” To which commenter “obviouslynotduckwithnukes” offers even better advice: “Or climb a ladder.”

    The Cheetah Robot is incredibly creepy, but I’m not worried about it. Yet.


  • &e-ru

    Yes, but will eat old peoples’ medicines?

  • nicole

    creepiest robot yet!

  • zirgar

    Judging from the weird way this thing moves I’m pretty certain this is what I pooped out last night in the dark while I prayed for the sweet release of death.

    • IrishGrrrl

      zirgar, sometimes you frighten me

      • muselet

        Only sometimes? :^)

        (Just kidding, zirgar. Please don’t hurt me.)