Creepy Robot of the Day

Seriously, are they deliberately trying to terrify everyone with these herky-jerky death machines?

  • D_C_Wilson

    I for one welcome our new creepy robot overlords.

  • zirgar

    Someone should mount a giant-sized, smiling Mitt Romney head on top of this thing. Hilarity!

  • bphoon

    The only thing missing is either Polka music or the “Hut, hut, hut-hut” sound effect from the SWAT team scene in “Blues Brothers.”

    • D_C_Wilson

      Yakety Sax.

  • IrishGrrrl

    I finally figured out what bothers me most about these robots. It’s because they mimic the movements of live creatures and that makes my brain want to perceive them as such. So when I look at them and see how different anatomically they are and intellectually know they’re not alive, it triggers subconscious alarms. The primitive part of our brain can’t classify these things easily and anything we can’t classify our lizard brain interprets as a threat. Add to all of that the fact that this one, in particular, is VERY strange because it’s missing a head. I’m sure it doesn’t need one but still…..Ewwwwww

    PS: They’re a long way away from making it battle ready….it’s noisy as hell, but then again, so are tanks……..

    • Draxiar

      That’s an interesting point. While watching this I wanted to see it as a bull or a horse even though I know it’s not. Add in the headless aspect and it invokes a primal instinct of both awe and dread at how fundamentally weird it is.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Scientists call that the “uncanny valley effect”. People have a similar reaction to motion capture movies like “The Polar Express”. Basically, the more something artificial looks like something alive, the more our minds focus on the minute differences. This is why a cartoon character like Elmer Fudd doesn’t freak people out, but many people complain about the “dead eyes” effect on “The Polar Express”.

  • Draxiar

    I didn’t know Mitt Romney enjoyed to hiking in the woods!

  • gescove

    The recent videos you’ve posted about robots all come from Boston Dynamics. It’s a bit chilling to go to their website and watch videos of all their creations. They seem to be the Cyberdyne Systems of our day, busily ushering in the SkyNet robotcalypse on behalf of DARPA. What could go wrong?

  • nicole


    horrible nightmarish creatures.