Election 2012

Crossroads Shifting Cash to Senate Seats

Karl Rove's Crossroads announced a new ad buy today but this one is for Senate seats, not Mitt Romney.

The super PAC American Crossroads and its non-profit arm Crossroads GPS are launching a $5.5 million ad offensive in five key Senate races, Politico reports. The ads will run for one week.

The campaign targets Democratic Senate candidates Rep. Joe Donnelly running in Indiana, Tim Kaine in Virginia, Rep. Shelley Berkley in Nevada, Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio and Sen. Bill Nelson in Florida. Each ad targets the candidates on separate issues particular to their campaign and state.

It was recently revealed that Team Romney is running in the red and that they are behind in campaign ad spending. And while this move by Karl Rove's Crossroads may not be a signal that they're now pinning their hopes on re-taking the Senate rather than the White House, it does mean they will have less money to spend on the presidential race because they're struggling to remain competitive down ticket.

I don't have sympathy for them, but Mitt Romney has made the jobs of virtually every Republican campaign operative more difficult.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=663669914 Sean Richardson

    “It was recently revealed that Team Romney is running in the red”

    You guys should back off a bit on pushing this specific thing. My understanding is that they were “in the red” because they couldn’t tap most of the funds they’ve raised until post-convention. They’re now post-convention.

    I only think this is worth mentioning because it seems like a cheap shot that you guys keep going back to, and because this site is also the one where I learned about why they were in the red. So at the time, you were reporting accurately amid a sea of “HE’S BORROWING MONEY!” stuff on other sites… but now that the dust has settled, you’re willing to falsely reinforce that belief.