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Full Video of Bill Clinton’s Speech Last Night

Of course I thought the pitch for President Obama was fanastic, but as a political junkie, this was like watching a great master at work -- arguably the greatest or second greatest living American politician in his element.

One of my ongoing political gripes with the Obama administration is its inability to sell its successes. Bill Clinton accomplished not only a virtuoso pitch for the Obama record, but also a primer for the Obama team about how specifically -- number by wonky number -- to pitch itself to Americans across the political spectrum.

CNN Republican analyst Alex Castellanos declared via Twitter: "Clinton speech = a major league pitcher effortlessly throwing strikes... from center field." Later on CNN, Castellanos said, "This will be the moment that probably re-elected Barack Obama."

I wouldn't go that far, but I have a feeling a lot of conservatives are scratching their heads this morning wondering how Mitt Romney can ever gain an advantage over this Obama team. So far, they're unstoppable. Four years ago, McCain resorted to Palin to resuscitate his chances. Mitt Romney has very few cards to play. And President Obama hasn't even delivered his address yet.

  • http://twitter.com/RichardKrueger Richard Krueger

    Here is a thread from my facebook link to the speech. This is worse than dealing with republicans:

    I don’t think its possible for you to be any wetter over the Dems.
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    Richard William I like the following things: math, equal rights for everyone, science, equal pay for women, and education. Republicans hate the preceding things. Simple as that.
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    Jorge Gambino Rodriguez Republicans (kinda) like: math when it used to categorizing people; equal rights (amongst the elite, the rest of us get the scraps); intelligent design; equal pay (to Walmart employees (no offense Devon)); and education (if your parents can afford to send you to Harvard, ELSE see equal pay.)
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    Michael Patrick You like math? Approximately 1205 days Obama was in office before his views on gays rights “evolved.” You like equal rights for everyone? The Democratic Platform was amended, with Obama strongly insisting language that states Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. You like science? Same amendment, again with Obama’s strongly stating that God must be referenced in the platform.You like equal pay for women? Pay for women went up by a higher percentage under Bush then Obama (but Bush did have 8 years). I’m not saying I am not going to vote for Obama, I just don’t understand your elation. Its like wanting to eat healthy so you hate McDonalds but celebrate going to Wendys. Either way, you’re eating a shit sandwich.
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    Richard William What does the length it took Obama to “evolve” on gay marriage have to do with math? That’s not an equation, is it? I was talking more about how supply-side economics are mathematically impossible. The Israel-Palestine is something I really really REALLY do not care about. I mean, at all. Not one iota. I was thinking more, when I said I like equal rights, you know, the repeal of DADT and the justice department not defending DOMA anymore and the Shepard/Bird Hate Crime Act and trying to get the DREAM Act passed. Stuff like that. I have no idea what calling Jerusalem has to do with Palestinian rights in America, but I guess maybe they can’t vote, get married, and it’s legal to commit hate crimes against them now. Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter act in January 2009. I’m guessing that women’s pay went down, because you know, a recession. You’re a “the perfect is the enemy of the good” guy, Mike. Ask yourself these questions: Would a GOP candidate ever support gay marriage? How many male Senators voted for The Lilly Ledbetter Act? What does a arbitrary designation designed to court a larger voting demographic have to do with equal rights?
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    Michael Patrick I guess 1205 days is not a equation, its a number, thank you United States public school. And calling Jerusalem the capital of Israel has massive implications affecting Palestinian rights. And just because you don’t care, others should not? And I am quite puzzled how you care about the rights of one person but not another. I guess I am of the Holistic Human Rights where I don’t pick and choose. All I am saying, Rich, is our country is never really going to move forward if our only approach is comparing a candidate to a GOP candidate and then settling for the lesser of two evils. Its a pretty brilliant plan and has worked out so far. I’m just trying to throw a wrench in it and see real progress, not the glitz and glam the Democrats are feeding us.
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    Michael Patrick And I had “hoped” Obama was that wrench.
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    Richard William Okay, Mike. 1205 is a number. Tell me when a GOP candidate is going to endorse gay marriage. And again, I don’t care. Others can care about this stupid fringe issue involving Bronze Age beliefs and locations, I’ll be more worried about helping students afford college, protecting a woman’s right to choose, decreasing the deficit by asking the wealthy to pay more, promoting the right to get married to who you want to, protecting medicare and medicaid, working towards truly universal healthcare, and promoting a humane immigration policy. But you’re right: what with Obama loving “papers please” laws, advocating for restricting a woman’s right to choose, his plan with the GOP to give tax cuts to the wealthy (not getting his proposals to tax the rich filibustered), wanting to get the banks back into the student loan business, his hatred for minorities and gays and his ramping up defense spending instead of cutting it…I mean, it’s not like a meaningful difference at all. Mirror images, really.
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    Michael Patrick The GOP issues a statement saying the Democrats’ Platform doesn’t include any Zionist or Almighty Father language. Less than 48 hours later Obama strongly insists the platform include such language. Throw whatever political policies you like against and see what sticks, but bowing to the GOP is bowing to the GOP.
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    Richard William Again, I don’t care. 1) He’s not the PM of Israel 2) it’s not legally binding 3) it does not deny legal rights to any Palestinian in America; they still (at least legally) have equal rights.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Let me guess, this guy is a Greenwald fan?

      PS: I did something similar with a discussion with a Paulite from Facebook, posting it on my blog but I actually took his name off of it. He went ballistic. Just a heads up.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Brain. Hurts. Aargh.

      • MrDHalen

        Yea, I stopped reading it after I caught a whiff of the smell. Whew!!!

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      Fucking stupid crap.

  • lamisolegran

    such an inspired speech, he had it all!

  • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

    I agree with what everyone is saying on here but if you look at what the MSM, ie, Chuck “I used to be a journalist” Todd and friend safe saying over at nbcnews.com you will see a completely different reality. Todd focuses on the challenges for the Preident and makes sure toot the Aug NBC/WSJ poll that shows Romney with 6 pt lead on “having good ideas to fix the economy”. Who the hell did they survey? The Vacation in the Hamptons crowd? Wall Street Investors? Who?!

    • chris castle

      Chuck Todd licks my balls.

      • Victor_the_Crab

        I’d like to rip out Chuck Todd’s balls and shove them down his throat.

    • Ned F

      How can they say he has good ideas if he’s never actually explained what they are?

      • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

        I know! That’s what dives me crazy. The President has given detailed plans and Romney just repeats the same old trickle down hocus pocus. And the Americans choose hoscus pocus. Facepalm!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      The Purple Stupid Pirates, that’s who!

  • rob black

    The problem is too many voters couldn’t define a recession if their life depended on it…or a deficit….or what actually constitutes the debt. You can produce chart after chart, diagram after diagram for the last 50 years showing how the economy works under the two parties, but it takes Bill Clinton to put it in to terms the average low info voter can understand.
    Do they actually teach econ or even civics in schools anymore? If so, how can pug after pug appear on national television and claim : Obama raised your taxes, Obama exploded the deficit, Obama doubled the debt…without being laughed off the air.
    “Arithmetic”….so good to see the big dog out barking again……

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TZY6VVBBZOIB44RTWWHDKLTYTQ Myhero

    The republican convention was like watching amateur hour, watching Clinton was taking in a virtuoso performance. Masterful.

  • Draxiar

    Man, after watching this speech for a 2nd time I’m pretty much convinced that anyone that votes for Romney is mentally inferior.

    • hokieduck

      The mentally inferior part goes without saying. The racist or ideologue aspect also comes into play.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KQVTT3LNW5O3R26AG2RLIFWYZQ Lunatics

      Or seriously misinformed/misguided. “Mentally inferior” may be a bit harsh. Though I too cannot fathom how a middle-class person can look at poster-child-for-the-American-dream Obama and millionaire-who-thinks-that-everyone-should-just-man-up-and-“work-harder” Romney and conclude that Romney can fix the middle class’ struggles and create jobs.

      One of Bill’s best made points was that the way he summed up the Republican’s campaign strategy as (paraphrasing here) “we left a terrible mess when Obama took office, and he didn’t clean up fast enough so put is back in because we’re going to forseriously clean it up, promise”.

      And when you ask “how?”, all they basically say is “Obama sucks” in response, and imply they’re just going to do the same thing they did before.

      I think Albert Einstein would call that a prime example of his definition of insanity.

  • Ned F

    Part of what made this speech so effective is that it was done at primetime, on a national stage and without constraints to time or content. He could give this same speech on the campaign trail, but it would be hardly noticed, swallowed up in the shallow everyday news cycle. Here, we got to hear actual policy, and a true rebuttle to the fictional- fantasy alternate universe we’ve been subject to over the past year. Also delivered by the last successful Democratic president where during last weeks convention, the entire previous administration simply did not exist.

  • zirgar

    John McCain resorting to picking Sarah Palin to resuscitate his presidential chances was like applying a tourniquet to the neck for a head wound.

    • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

      It kinda worked though. She cost him the election, but she also got Republican mouth breathers so worked up, giving them so much fury and anger to do enough damage to Obama’s presidency.

      I really think if McCain went with Lieberman, Obama would’ve got at least 300 electoral votes.