How Low Can He Go?

Mitt Romney is hard at work rehabilitating the image of George W. Bush.

via The American Prospect

According to the most recent Bloomberg national poll, President George W. Bush—the man whose administration left us with two wars, crushing debt, a broken economy, and a tattered reputation—is more popular than Republican nominee Mitt Romney. Bush receives a favorable rating from 46 percent of those surveyed, and an unfavorable rating from 49 percent. By contrast, Romney receives a 43 percent favorable rating, and a 50 percent unfavorable. This makes Bush more popular than Vice President Joe Biden (42–45) and the Republican Party as a whole (41–46).

Given the fact that the policies proposed by Mitt Romney and the policies implemented by the Bush Administration are nearly identical, with Mitt Romney proposing a more radical tax cut plan, this can easily be attributed to personality. Or a lack thereof.

A plurality of Americans still blame Bush for our economic woes, but an equal number of Americans are unsure if Mitt Romney is human or a cyborg sent back in time to destroy out future.

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    Miss Me Yet?


  • Ipecac

    That billboard is now ironic. Hilarious.

  • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

    How the blue fuck does Bush have a higher favorable rating than Joe Biden? I assume the average American has never heard Joe Biden speak aside from the “gaffes” the liberal media loves to talk about?