Moment of Derp

Congress, and more specifically the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, brings use today's Moment of Derp.

via The Hill

The House passed legislation Friday afternoon that would curtail a Department of Energy (DOE) loan guarantee program that backed a $535 million federal loan to Solyndra, the now-bankrupt solar-panel maker.

Members approved the No More Solyndras Act, H.R. 6213, in a 245-161 vote. Republicans have held the failed green-energy company as proof that the Obama administration has funneled billions of dollars to undeserving firms. [...]

If it were to become law, the bill would prevent DOE from approving any loan guarantee applications filed after 2011. Applications sent in before 2012 could only be approved after a review by the Treasury Department that affirms the loan guarantee makes financial sense.

The No More Solyndras Act.

The bill just as easily could have been called the "No More Republican Presidents Act," because former President George W. Bush initiated the loan program that funded Solyndra.

The collapse of Solyndra cost the federal government approximately $500 million dollars. The war in Iraq cost the nation roughly $3 trillion. When will we see a "No More Fraudulent Wars Act?"

Aside from being an utter waste of time and an embarrassment, this bill would also cost thousands of jobs if it were signed into law. Fortunately it never will be.

  • bphoon

    In addition to that, the House today also passed the Allen West-authored National Security and Jobs Protection Act which requires “…President Barack Obama to replace billions in planned Pentagon cuts before the sequester kicks in on Jan. 2, 2013. It also calls on Obama to come up with a plan for replacing the entire sequester.” (Huffington Post Politics). The vote was 223-196, mostly along party lines, according to HuffPost.

    So, first we have 166 Republican House members who voted for the Budget Control Act after torpedoing the “Grand Bargain”, causing John Boehner to walk out of negotiations with the administration for the third time, now voting to reverse the provisions of said Act. But, that’s not all–they place on the President the full responsibility for coming up with a plan for replacing all the cuts required by the Act, in effect reversing the effects of the law they voted for. These are people, mind you, who yell and scream by the hour about our national debt and operating deficits (more often than not conflating the two) who are now, in effect, saying, “Never mind.”

    So, here’s the situation: House Republicans undermined budget negotiations last summer in order to deny the President a political win yet agreed to–some even insisted on–the sequestration that nobody now wants any part of. They, along with their colleagues in the Senate, have obstructed every effort on the part of the Administration to try to come up with a solution to our debt and deficits, which they profess to be very concerned and serious about, for the stated purpose of denying President Obama a second term. Now that the sequestration they agreed to is nearly upon them–rather than working towards a solution, which they all originally said was their intention–they’re attempting to throw the whole thing back in the President’s lap, thinking, I’m sure, that they’ll be able to pin the blame for draconian defense cuts and the resulting job loss–and the resulting recession, if you believe the CBO–on Obama. I don’t for a minute put it past a party which would play chicken with the debt ceiling to let our economy fall off the “cliff” that everyone’s talking about just so they can point their collective finger at BHO and say, “You’re it!”

    Maybe BHO should call their bluff, get the Senate to pass their little Act, sign it into law then hand them the plan he offered them last summer and say, “Here you go, fuckwads, sit on this and spin for a while.” If the stakes weren’t so high, I’d love to see what they’d do with that…

    The truth, though, is that while the GOP wants everyone to think they’re crazy enough to put our economy back into recession in order to score political points, they know Obama isn’t crazy enough to let them. So, the House GOP “leadership” knows their nutty little Act won’t make it out the door of their chamber. Gives them free reign to pass all sorts of crackpot legislation–like repealing the Affordable Care Act 33 times and passing over 300 anti-environmental bills–so they can strut around and pretend to be Very Serious Legislators a la Paul Ryan. Like with Gingrich’s crowd in ’95, I’m pretty sure enough American voters–at least on a national level–will see through to their true motivations and refrain from taking them seriously.

  • eljefejeff

    and just to put those numbers in perspective, Iraq cost SIX THOUSAND times more than Solyndra did, not to mention the death and casualty toll.

    Fuck those republicans. They care about nothing that doesn’t help the wealthy. That’s their entire focus. Religion too, but I really think they just pretend so that religious nuts will vote for them.