Newsweek is Trolling. And It’s Dangerous.

This is Newsweek's cover story today.

In addition to the provocative cover and the correspondingly bad story, Newsweek is also encouraging readers and fans to tweet #MuslimRage. And as of this time it's among the top 5 trends on Twitter.

The story was written by a known Islamophobe who promotes the idea that all Muslims are extremists rather than a select few. A person who would ordinarily be considered part of the fringe herself except today Newsweek decided to troll for clicks and page-views by putting real lives in danger.

Extremists already used one piece of anti-Muslim propaganda as a distraction to launch an attack on American embassies. Does Newsweek really need to fan the flames?

According to ThinkProgress, the story's author is also an apologist for Norwegian madman Anders Breivik who murdered 69 people last year.

In a speech back in May, Hirsi Ali expressed sympathy for one of the justifications for Norwegian anti-Muslim terrorist Anders Breivik‘s attacks, explaining that Breivik said “he had no other choice but to use violence” because his fringe views were “censored.” Breivik was convicted of mass murder last month, which he admitted to perpetuating in order to save Europe from a “Muslim takeover.”

No one would listen to him about the secret Muslim take over so he had no other choice than to murder dozens of children?

Good job, Newsweek. That will win their hearts and minds.

  • mnpollio

    One cannot make sense of Hirsi Ali’s defense of Breivik. It is utterly ludicrous and she should know it. But I also think that no one should make the mistake that was done with the hand-wringing response to the riots over the Mohamed cartoons and baby the Muslim world into thinking their violent response is acceptable on any level, while castigating ONLY the cartoonists. Violence should never be the default solution to a problem – whether it is some delusional nonsense like Breivik’s or because members of Islam are offended over some third-rate piece of conservative rubbish engineered for the sole purpose to provoke. I am offended every time a conservative opens their mouth, but have yet to punch them in the face or go on a killing spree. Part of the price we pay for a free democracy is hearing views that are potentially offensive to us, but we have the right to argue back without resorting to killing. A great example would be how people have dealt with the Fred Phelps cult and their funeral protests by setting up chains of people to block them from view. In short, let’s be critical of the crummy film project at the heart of this mess, without insisting that we need to censor free speech or condone violent rampages every time a demographic takes offense.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Newsweek is just another media outlet that sinks further and further into the slime with sensationist garbage trying to get people’s attention in the worst way possible. Their latest cover story is a new low in a seemingly bottomless pit for them.

  • Brutlyhonest

    Damned. Liberal. Media.

  • BuffaloBuckeye

    Nonsense like this (entertainment rag rather than news periodical) is why we dropped Newsweek. On a related point; I’m big on free speech and all; but shouldn’t there be some responsibility borne by the film producer (and NW for that matter) for this kind of horseshit? You can say whateverr you want, but be responsible enough to know that your efforts have consequences.

  • trgahan

    Adding…Breivik murdered dozens of NON-muslim children in order to save Eurpoe from muslims…now make sense of that arguement.

  • NanaLenore

    Stories like this make me happy my subscription to Newsweek has expired. (To be truthful, it wasn’t renewed because I didn’t change the expiration date on my credit card.)

    • bphoon

      I’m letting mine expire because 1) since the Daily Beast bought Newsweek, it’s become a paper blog rather than a serious piece of journalism, and, 2) they want $40 a year now