Election 2012

Nothing To Show For It

According to Buzzfeed, the Romney campaign spent far more during the month of August than they took in. Because fiscal responsibility.

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign announced early Monday that they have raised more than $100 million for the third consecutive month, but spent more than $17 million more than they took in.

The $111.6 raised, puts the total brought in by the campaign an associated Republican groups at $319 million since the beginning of June. But Romney's cash on hand actually decreased despite the haul, amid apparently heavy spending. [...]

Campaign officials did not comment on what was responsible for the $129 million in spending in August. Their July outlay was over 40% less at $75.4 million.

And what do they have to show for it? Nothing. On the contrary, Romney has slid backwards in the polls.

Rasmussen now has the president leading by 5 percent and CNN has him leading by 6 percent.

This post-convention bump, if that's what it is, could fade over the next month, but the Romney campaign spent an awful lot of money just to sink in the polls.

Additionally, the Obama campaign out-raised the Romney campaign in August thanks to over one million individual donors.

(Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama's campaign and Democratic allies raised more than $114 million in August, narrowly beating Republican rival Mitt Romney for the first time in months as the race for the White House approaches its final stretch.


“The key to fighting back against the special interests writing limitless checks to support Mitt Romney is growing our donor base, and we did substantially in the month of August,” Messina said in a statement.

“Fueled by contributions from more than 1.1 million Americans donating an average of $58 — more than 317,000 who had never contributed to the campaign before — we raised a total of more than $114 million,” he said. “That is a critical downpayment on the organization we are building across the country — the largest grassroots campaign in history.”

There is no reason to become complacent, but there is ample reason to be confident.

  • http://twitter.com/bubblegenius Bubble Genius

    This doesn’t count the SuperPACs, right? I guess the plus side of this is that with any luck POTUS will stay POTUS and a lot of rich fucks will be marginally less rich with nothing (or not much) to show for it.

  • http://phydeauxpseaks.blogspot.com Bob Rutledge

    Campaign officials did not comment on what was responsible for the $129 million in spending in August.

    Can you say offshore accounts? I knew ya could.

  • mrbrink

    Look at how fucking good you have to be to push back against Citizen’s United politics. We have the best candidate we’ve ever had running for reelection, and it’s still within the margin of error. They’ve got the worst candidate they’ve ever seen, and he’s within the margin of error.

    Hello future. Please be kind.

    • rob black

      That’s exactly what is worrying me. Obama should be killing this guy. Maybe when he stomps Mittens into debate dust…the polls will really start to move…

      • mrbrink

        If it takes the best candidate on the planet to hang within the margin of error, what sort of chance does a lessor candidate have in the future? Say, 2016, 2020…

        We should be able to just barely hold the line this year. But what chance do we have post-best-candidate-in-my-lifetime?

        If they can throw human shit up there and be this close… hello, future. Please be kind.

  • http://twitter.com/dyna_chem_net Jay T. Goodwin

    Indeed. On the other hand, it is remarkable that such amounts are having to be raised for this election cycle. Where is all the money going? Someone is making a metric s–t ton of cash off of this. Job stimulus?

    • JMAshby

      The networks and local affiliates are making out like bandits.