One Freudian Moment To Rule Them All

"Ask not what your corporation can do for you, ask what you can do for your corporation." -Mitt Romney. Not really. Maybe.

via MotherJones

"It's not that [Obama] wasn't trying, in my view. He was pulling the wrong direction. He didn't know what it takes to actually make the economy work. Paul Ryan and I understand how the economy works. We understand how Washington works. We will reach across the aisle and find good people who, like us, want to make sure this company deals with its challenges. We'll get America on track again."

Welcome to America®. Corporations are people my friend.

I have no doubt Mitt Romney would give the term "Corporate America" a whole new meaning.

  • hidflect

    Companies are not democracies. They are dictatorships where the populace of workers are exploited to the maximum extent feasible for the exclusive benefit of a handful of owners. Over to you Mitt..

    • Brutlyhonest

      That fits well with the right wing talking about ruling the Country, not governing it (Yes, BushCo used “rule” many times).

  • mrbrink

    –It’s not that [Obama] wasn’t trying, in my view. He was pulling the wrong direction. He didn’t know what it takes to actually make the economy work.–

    See, it’s okay if you voted for Obama. Golly, he tried, but he’s just no match for the power of right wing domestic terrorists who tried to intentionally crash the economy. Time to let the terrorists win, and have back absolute control of government.

    I’m sorry, but this shit really pisses me off. This will be one of those rants I probably regret after I’ve hit the post button, I’m sure. Yes. The economy was working marvelously until Barack Obama came along and made it worse by overseeing two years of job creation and record corporate profits. The pre-Obama economy was rolling right along with years of income equality until the global financial system exploded with debt shrapnel, thanks again to the wonders of the free market.

    –Paul Ryan and I understand how the economy works.–

    Neither is an economist. I love it when actual economists have politely laughed at Paul Ryan’s education, though, after they’ve set the whole laugh up by actually proof-reading his budget math.

    –We understand how Washington works–

    Sure they do. Paul Ryan has been a government employee since he figured out that driving the Weinermobile around doesn’t pay as well as you might think and it’s not because Oscar Mayer is going broke. Mitt Romney has been campaigning for the role of television president his whole life. Both know that Washington only works when the GOP wants it to. There’s no one to compromise with when you have absolute power. It’s their way, because they think they’re America’s daddy telling you that you’re in a phase, and you do not need birth control, or a new school that teaches science and tolerance, living wages, or protection from industrial pollution, or protections against racists and bigots who are trying to kill your freedom and liberty. And if you choose otherwise, you will face the wrath of lying imbeciles who never stop trying to destroy their fellow Americans, also known as their enemies.

    It’s time to tear down those faded posters of Obama, but the faded posters of Ayn Rand, AC-DC, and Led Zeppelin can stay because they say so.

    –We will reach across the aisle and find good people who, like us, want to make sure this company deals with its challenges.–

    Sure they will. Reach right across the aisle to find the two or three pathetic Democrats who might consider breaking a 50-50 tie to throw women and children, minorities and the poor, the elderly and the disadvantaged under the bus and out on to the street just to cut Mitt Romney a tax break and start World War fucking III with anyone who does not understand America’s exceptionalism. And now, a word to Mitt Romney and the GOP: “Good people?” Fuck you, you over achieving used car salesman. Shove your cans of rust-proof under coating up your ass, pal. You travel with the Titans of Greed and Douchebaggery, not good people. You celebrate your money-war victories with racists and religious bigots, unethical/immoral corporatists and sociopaths. You’ve taken advantage of good people your whole spoiled rotten life and it’s left you with nothing more than a white man’s overbite when you think you’ve made a funny at the expense of others. Destroyed whole businesses and communities and got bailed out when you lost, and even when you won. Good people should see you and Paul Ryan run out of politics on a rail so you can finally get a real job in that real economy you claim to worship that would eat you alive if you started with nothing today. You’d both be back in politics in no time, trying to convince “good people” you actually earn your government salaries and benefits for life because you are both scammers. You have both scammed millions of people out of their nest eggs and their pensions, their healthcare, their wages, their government rights and protections, and their vote. Scamming people is all you know. If you ever meet any “good people,” you’ll know it by how fast they chase you out of town.

    Oh, he’s the Boss. This company called America Inc. needs leadership and a boss to cut through all that democracy and constitutional checks and balances to get the sort of results this company needs. If that means you have to cut back on food, shelter, and clothing, so be it. The Boss wants his bonus, after all.

    • ranger11

      Great rant! The thing that pisses me off about these cocksuckers is that that the media, no matter what has happened or is happening, still treats them as the “adults” in the room in terms of the economy, foreign policy, etc. Pretty ridiculous scam. Did you learn at the knee of Lee Elia? Pretty good stuff.

      • mrbrink

        We shouldn’t judge him based on his business ties, his tax returns, his time as governor, his unprecedented flip flops and racist buddies, where he was during Vietnam, his stint as an Olympics planner, or whether or not he’s using facts– all these things are basically off limits. We’re just supposed to let it slide. Everyday is a new day for these perpetual do-over sons of bitches.

        All that’s left is his campaign for president– The way he runs a campaign and how he’s been handling himself on the world stage. It’s all we really have as a definitive measure of this asshole anymore. It’s all we’re really allowed to see, and we’re not even allowed to see it for what it really is. Pay no attention to his travels overseas. Ignore that racist dog whistling. Forget about the outright lies, or the mock and ridicule of the majority of people who voted for Barack Obama. It’s one thing to go after your opponent, but when you start teasing and deriding the people who voted for him, you’ve entered into a whole new arena of despicable fuckbaggery.

        And throughout, they’ve whined and complained and second guessed themselves. Uttered completely racist and idiotic theories and offered up lies and secrecy for explanations to their lack of popular policy initiatives.

        His campaign is cruel, tone deaf, ignorant and sloppy and it should already be the end of Mr. Fix It’s status as a potential leader of the free world based just on his record as a campaigner. I’m leaving out pages of material, here.

        Forget about his tax returns and his time at Bain Capital. If his campaign is the front row seat to who he is and how he’d govern, then we’re witnessing one giant leap for stupid lying motherfuckers everywhere.

      • mrbrink

        By the way, ranger…”Lee Elia?”

        That is fucking hilarious. I can’t believe you threw that out there.

        Bonus points!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      “I’m sorry, but this shit really pisses me off. This will be one of those rants I probably regret after I’ve hit the post button, I’m sure.”

      You have absolutly nothing to regret there. Excellent rant. I wish I could have come up with something like that.

  • http://phydeauxpseaks.blogspot.com Bob Rutledge

    In the finest Dubya tradition, who claimed he was the first CEO of the USA.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    “Paul Ryan and I understand how the economy works. We understand how Washington works.”

    In other words, Mitt Romney just described himself and Paul Ryan as Washington insiders. The kind of people Republicans have been blaming for what’s wrong with government for years.

    Keep it up, Mitt. You’re doing swell.

  • http://twitter.com/gbeaudette Grant Beaudette

    Isn’t America being a corporation exactly what that crazy lady in Iowa who declared herself Senator was talking about?