Out of Context

This is a riot.

Troll troll troll your boat.

The fine folks at OFA are just playing with Mitt at this point.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    BWAH!!! Love it.

  • bphoon

    These guys have a lot of balls accusing Mother Jones of taking Mitt Romney out of context in that video. Hell, the “redistribution” video of Obama they’re bandying about itself is taken out of context! Ditto his “…you didn’t build that…” statement. The list of Obama’s lines they’ve taken out of context and willfully misrepresented is too long for this forum. But, lying-bullshit-hypocrisy has never bothered the GOP before, why should it now, I guess?

    Something my wife points out when we see Romney on the news at some campaign event is that the background is almost always solid white. Tells you something, I think.

    Also, I haven’t seen too many of those cute “Mitt” baseball glove signs they used to wave around during the ’08 campaign since John Stewart equated them with what we’d see at a “Dildo Johnson” campaign event…

    • Brutlyhonest

      Background at his events is almost solid white, but look more closely and you’ll see they try to find a minority and stick them in a prominent position behind him.

  • ArrogantDemon

    Mittens is being trolled beyond belief and I god damn love it