Election 2012

Politico Echoes Republican Claim of Dem Incivility

Politico in classic hacktastical form:

Obama, who first sprang to national attention with an appeal to civility, has made these kind of attacks central to his strategy. The argument, by implication from Obama and directly from his surrogates, is not merely that Romney is the wrong choice for president but that there is something fundamentally wrong with him.

To make the case, Obama and his aides have used an arsenal of techniques — personal ridicule, suggestions of ethical misdeeds and aspersions against Romney’s patriotism — that many voters and commentators claim to abhor, even as the tactics have regularly proved effective.

The unequal distribution of personal putdowns — Obama and his team indulging in them far more frequently than Romney — has been largely obscured by two factors.

The Romney campaign and Romney himself has constructed a strategy around flagrantly lying about everything from the president's motives to his policies to the positive outcomes that are as evident as basic math. And so because Axelrod called Romney a "charlatan" for peddling in these lies means that the Obama campaign lacks civility? Bullshit.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Purple Heart Band Aids.

    That’s all I have to say.

  • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

    Maybe Obama can go on an “apology tour” for the Republicans and make them feel better?

    Fucking clowns.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Norris/1597765442 Michael Norris

    In what parallel bizarro universe were they talking about? Politico: Biggest collection of mindless douchebags in the entire media.

  • JackDaniel07

    This particular election is a huge test, of many things.
    The media didn’t even bring a #2 pencil. Fuck em.

    I think it was Biden that referenced this as a hinge in history, which way will we go.
    I couldnt agree more. Its time to reject meanness, racism, greed and fear forever.

  • roxsteady

    The “GOP Newsletter” as Rachel Maddow calls them is acutely aware that their guy is getting his ass kicked all over the country. As I told my sister yesterday, this country has a choice betweem James Bond and Bozo the Clown! Between cool, competent, and confident and a bumbling, inchoherent, douchebag.

    • http://twitter.com/SugaRazor Razor

      Throwing a ball in a cup from increasingly longer distances is actually Mitt Romney’s economic plan.

  • http://phydeauxpseaks.blogspot.com Bob Rutledge

    The unequal distribution of personal putdowns — Obama and his team indulging in them far more frequently than Romney

    In which fucking universe? Because it sure as shit ain’t this one.

    • JackDaniel07

      Didnt President Clinton reference their “alternate universe” in his speech? If I remember right, it sort of stunned the crowd, but opened the floodgates for his awesomeness

      • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

        Indeed, Clinton addressed a few taboo topics. And Chris Matthews followed it up with a little tirade about the racism being used on the other side. Maddow, who I typically love, shied away from that like a skittish horse.

  • zirgar

    “If the Republicans will stop telling lies about the Democrats, then the Democrats will stop telling the truth about the Republicans.” ~ Adlai Stevenson.

  • Miranda

    The mainstream media is such a joke. Thankfully, the general public despises them as much as we do and the influence of the fourth estate is less than zero.