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There's only one reason to pound the issue about Elizabeth Warren's ancestry and that is to race-bait, to gin up the lizard-brained anger at "quotas" and "affirmative action." Brown already tippy-toed down that line last week in the debate, when he explained that he can tell an Injun jes' by lookin' at one. You talk about her like she gamed the system and you're not merely casting aspersions on her career, but you're giving a nudge-nudge, wink-wink to all the usual suspects out there who know somebody who knew somebody who was related to somebody who knew somebody who didn't get the job they should have had. This is also what they do. This is also what they've always done. This is also why you hired people because this is what they do. -Charles Pierce on Scott Brown's campaign

The idea that Elizabeth Warren is some kind of affirmative action candidate who made her way in life with handouts also has a touch of misogyny to it, because the implication is that she not only wouldn't but couldn't be where she is today without it. Of course we know better, but that's what the Brown campaign wants you to believe. That's what they need you to believe if he's going to win.

Recent actions taken by the Scott Brown campaign escalated it into a full-on race-bait.

  • rob black

    Warren should have been named the head of the Consumer Protection Agency that she basically invented…but naturally the Republicans, being pro “Predatory Lending Practices” kept that from happening.
    That would be the sweetest thing about her winning: In trying to prevent their plutocratic bankster donors from being hammered, they create a big Senatorial hammer.
    I hope she wins and drives them in to the dirt.

  • http://mdblanche.myopenid.com/ mdblanche

    Scott Brown is supposed to be the nice Republican who isn’t like the all the rest of them. This type of crap is going to hurt the image he’s been cultivating for himself. Call me crazy but I don’t think he and his campaign would be pulling these types of stunts if they didn’t think they were in trouble.

    • muselet

      You’re not crazy. Sending staffers out to do tomahawk-chops and fake war-whoops outside an Elizabeth Warren event is crazy.

      There’s a stench of desperation about Scott Brown’s campaign right now.


      • Draxiar

        I have lived in Massachusetts my whole life. The people here are proud of the Native American history (the very name of the state is Native American) in the state. It’s also one of the bluest states in the country and has implemented some pretty progressive ideas (while simultaneously death gripping some pretty old and outdated “blue laws”…we only just a few years ago were able to buy alchohol on Sunday).

        Attacking Warren on the dubious allegation that she got ahead in her career solely because she may have checked a box is not the smartest tactic the Brown campaign could embrace. He got the senate seat due in part to the deplorable campaign Martha Coakley ran. Realistically speaking though, there isn’t really anything else they could attack her on other than what Republicans typically attack Democrats on.