Election 2012

Romney Fever is Spreading

It's spreading to Governor Scott Walker.

“I thought (picking Ryan) was a signal that this guy (Romney) was getting serious, he’s getting bold, it’s not necessarily even a frustration over the way Paul Ryan’s been used but rather in the larger context. I just haven’t seen that kind of passion I know Paul has transferred over to our nominee, and I think it’s a little bit of push-back from the folks in the national campaign. But I think for him to win he’s gotta (do) that.”

And Herman Cain.

Cain told members of the media after the speech that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's recent “47 percent” comment was a “non-story” being blown out of proportion by the media. But Cain said he would have been doing better if he was the nominee, saying that he'd probably have a “substantial lead” on President Barack Obama at this point.

“The reason is quite simple: I have some depth to my ideas,” he said.

Delusions of grandeur aside, we've officially come to the point where the 2016 hopefuls are distancing themselves from him and claiming they would be a better candidate than Mitt Romney.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I’m definitely looking forward to Herman “999” Cain dropping out of the 2016 primary race.

    But what was so bold about picking the Randroid as Mitt’s running mate? Paul Ryan is a bland white guy who thinks poor people are just a drag on the special people. He’s like Mitt Jr.

    • Brutlyhonest

      Wasn’t it Colbert who said he thought ryan was a younger Rmoney and they crossed time-streams (or words to that effect)?

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Ha-Ha-Haaa… whatever, Hermie.

  • Chachizel

    I gotta think that if the president wins reelection, we keep the senate, and somehow win back the house that nuts like Cain, Bachmann, and Walker won’t be as prominent by 2016….but then again, its possible that they may feel that they need to go MORE conservative and bat shit. Hmmm…I guess time will tell.