Sorry, Rand Paul, the President Has Reduced the Size of Government

Rand Paul tried to get away with the "Obama has grown the size of government" lie on national television, with Paul Krugman seated across the table from him. Smart!

PAUL: The thing I don’t understand is that your arguing that the government sector is struggling. Are you arguing that there are fewer government employees under Obama than there were under Bush?

KRUGMAN: Of course. That’s a fact. That’s a tremendous fact.

PAUL: No, the size of growth of government is enormous under president Obama.

KRUGMAN: If government employment had grown as fast under Obama as it did under Bush, we’d have a million and a half more people employed right now — directly.

PAUL: Are there less people employed or more people employed now by government?

ThinkProgress noted that there are 600,000 fewer government employees under President Obama than under George W. Bush. Much to my chagrin, of course. Unemployment would be lower if this wasn't the case. But it's hilarious how married to their fiction some of these tea party Republicans are. If they would be rational for just one second, they'd notice the size of government, they'd notice how the individual mandate came from the Republicans, they'd notice that the economy is growing. They don't see any of it because they're blinded by their own bullshit.

  • IrishGrrrl

    You can see this in a kind of microcosm way in AZ. We had about 200,000 immigrants leave AZ after SB1070 passed. Cons say this is evidence that it worked. I always respond with “well if your goal was to free up jobs for real ‘murikans’ you failed”. Because that’s about 3% of the entire state population. Just assuming that only half of them worked, then why haven’t we seen the unemployment rate improve in AZ? I mean 100,000 job openings would have been HUGE for the state’s ailing economy. But that’s not what happened. The immigrants left and Americans didn’t want their jobs. Furthermore all those people are no longer here paying rent, buying food, consuming services and therefore not paying taxes.

    It’s basic math and the information is right in front of their faces but they just refuse to acknowledge reality.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      “It’s basic math and the information is right in front of their faces but they just refuse to acknowledge reality”. You are so right Grrrl.

      And if they ever started to acknowledge the truth, their entire rightwing bullshit house of cards world come crashing down because they’ve been wrong about nearly everything for generations. Whether it’s yesterday’s Reagan trickle-down lie or todays’ gun snatching Kenyan/Commie boogieman that only THEY see. There is no hope for the repug base. None!
      At this point truth is their arch enemy because they are now an entire party built on lies, deception, bigotry and fear whilst the money and media that control them understands the role of useful fools.

  • ninjaf

    This has to make you wonder…

    Paul is supposed to be a part of the Republican propaganda machine. If he is believing his own party’s line of bull so completely that he has not bothered to verify their “facts” that he simply dares someone (like Krugman) to dispute those “facts” — has the echo chamber turned into the Human Centipede and now they can’t even process beyond what gets crammed down their throats? And if so, who is the head of the centipede?

    (sorry for the crude visual)

    • bphoon

      has the echo chamber turned into the Human Centipede and now they can’t even process beyond what gets crammed down their throats?

      That’s all they’ve ever been.

  • swift_4

    Is this just federal government employees, or all? State, local, etc?

    • IrishGrrrl

      I would think that if you included state and local you would see the size of gov shrink further because states have been laying people off

      • Angelika De Lande

        No actually if you put in your State and than Jobs .gov they are hireing

    • BenAu

      If you follow the link it explains:

      “Now, perhaps Paul was thinking of employment by the federal government alone, which did tick up just slightly: 2.77 million at the end 2008 versus 2.8 million currently. But add in state and local government jobs, and the hard number for government employment dropped by around 600,000 after Bush left office.”

      So, 30 000 new federal jobs and about 630 000 less state and local jobs if my math is correct. Which invalidates Paul’s assertion, “the size of growth of government is enormous under president Obama,” even if you are just looking at federal numbers.

      • swift_4

        Ah, thanks for the info.

  • Matt McDaniel

    You don’t need a Nobel Prize to know Rand Paul is a world-class imbecile.

  • Jimmy Abraham

    should be noted that spike in 2010 has something to do with temp census workers, which you see a similar spike in 2000.

    • IrishGrrrl

      The idjits never acknowledge the census workers unless the Pres. Talks about the improvement in jobs numbers and THEN they dismiss any bumps in 2010 as being due to census workers. But never would they admit that the bump in government workers was temporary due to the census in a discussion of why the Pres. Is a supposed socialist. Facts are only facts if they help in their argument.

  • Draxiar

    Repeat a lie long enough and you begin to believe it.

    And any GOTPer that’s dumb enough to dispute Krugman on anything deserves the lashing they will inevitably get.