Open Thread

The Route to Victory

Artist - Jimmy Margulies

In other news, Chris Christie kicked off his 2016 campaign today by saying the polls aren't skewed, by inflating expectations for Mitt Romney's debate performance, and distancing himself from Todd Akin.

With friends like these...

  • mattpd

    No joke with that ‘with friends like this’ line… jeez.

    I saw him on all three channels. At first I thought he just couldn’t fit on one and infringing on the airspace of the two channels on either side. then i realized he was on three different programs.

    I feel like he did come out and practically kneecap Romney today. What the hell? This was worse than his non-mination speech at the convention. I can surely see Ole Mitt being the sole funding for the ‘committee for anybody but christie” superpac (registered in the cayman islands) for 2016 to return the favor.

  • Razor

    Prediction: Chris Christie 2016 will be roughly the same as Rudy Giuliani 2008.

    In 2014, the media will be picking out Bibles to swear him in and he’ll come in fifth in the Iowa caucus.

  • roxsteady

    He also called the President a liar. I suspect that he’s going to bomb the same way he did at their disasterous convention and with the unemployment rate here in New Jersey now up to 9.8%, he’s not going to win the presidency in 2016. Personally, I hope Booker runs against him for Govenor. The idiots here in my state should now be completely embarrassed for voting for tubby in the first place!