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A Jobless Trick

Artist - Joe Heller

Feel free to discuss tonight's debate here.

Joe Biden seems to be considered the clear underdog by our pundit overlords. To me that says Paul Ryan has very little to gain but a lot to lose.

Also -- here's this, courtesy of Mother Jones

This really doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

  • i_am_allwrite

    Awesome video. How many times do you think Ryan heard, “Nice beard, dick” before he shaved it?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    If world and national events were baseball, Biden would be the guy who’s played, coached, scouted, managed and studied the game all his life. Ryan would be the 20-year-old Yankee fan who calls WFAN every day to complain about how Girardi sucks.

    Biden is Casey Stengel; Ryan is Vinny from Corona.

  • theronware

    Damn, Paul Ryan got bitch slapped mercilessly by Joe Biden…HEHEHE!

  • JMAshby

    Biden annihilated Ryan. Obliterated. Flawless victory.

    Get Paul Ryan his binky.

    • stacib23

      I knew this guy once that was a big bully to women. He finally ran into one with a new boyfriend that wasn’t putting up with that bullshit and beat a fit on the bully. My mother asked him ” were you saying y’all quit and it was only the one man?” I’m guessing Ryan thought there had to be at least three Joe Bidens on the stage with him and he too was crying “y’all quit”.

    • mrbrink

      Joe Biden kicked over the empty chair and put Eastwood’s version of Half Time in America to shame. Took modern Republicanism to task, rightfully.

      Historically important.

      Don’t let wily, mystical creature, Reince Priebus, tell the country otherwise.

  • mrbrink

    Joe Biden was a great American General breaking it down in the trenches of American history tonight.

    Good luck, GOP.

  • nicole

    Hey people, when these rw jerks talk about “small” business, they aren’t talking about mom and pop stores. They’re talking about people like Paul Ryan whose family builds our infrastructure. A family which is worth millions. Millions they earned by sucking the government teat!

    90% of small businesses make less than $200k annually and would NOT see an increase in taxes in the Obama tax plan.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      They’re talking about the kind of “small business” that doesn’t have, or need, customers.

      • nicole


  • nicole

    Joe Biden:

    “We will be NO part of a voucher plan, or a plan to privatize social security.”

  • nicole

    Ryan is utterly SHAMELESS. The biggest damn liar on the planet.

  • mrbrink

    Paul Ryan: “The economy is limping along because we shot the Embassy security budget in the leg.”

    • incredulous72

      HE SAID THAT?!!!

      Idiocy, thy name is Paul Ryan.

      • mrbrink

        No, he didn’t say that. He said something about the economy limping along and I paraphrased his solution was to “shoot the embassy security budget in the leg,” which Biden masterfully hit on in not so many words– because it segued from foreign policy– a total Ryan defeat before it began– and the embassy attack in Libya.

      • mrbrink

        It’s my bad, though. I should be more careful with satire.

  • nicole

    I love Joe Biden.


    Adding………GOD DAMN modern fucking republicans. I wish they’d ALL sink into the earth, preferably by falling into a volcano.

    • mrbrink

      I’m sorry V.P. Biden has to endure an hour of Paul Ryan.

      • nicole

        I think he’s enjoying it. :)

        I, on the other hand, am screaming at the tv/Ryan “you motherfucking LIAR”.

        Half an hour in and my voice is just about gone. :)

        • mrbrink

          It’s been over. Joe Biden’s there on his own time at this point. He’s loving this. Best Vice President in American history after this debate.

          • nicole

            Completely agree. He’s killing Ryan and Romney!

          • mrbrink

            Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the entire Republican party.

            Biden [SMASH!]

          • nicole



          • nicole

            Oh hell, brink, game OVER. I knew Joe Biden would rock this damn debate, and boy is he doing it!!

          • mrbrink

            Joe Biden may have just won back the House of Representatives.

            How does that feel?

          • nicole

            oh man, that would just be fucking great!

            (i’d like to pin a humongous damn medal on Joe Biden right now!)

  • mrbrink

    Pizza Hut is offering a lifetime of free pizza to anyone who poses the question Sausage or Pepperoni?

    America is awesome.

  • mrbrink

    That’s one of the best videos of the election.

  • mrbrink

    Stephanie Cutter is amazing. One of the most brilliant and beautiful beings in the history of movement politics. Don’t let that pretty face fool you.

    She’s a bona fide American revolutionary.

  • D_C_Wilson

    People tend to think of Biden as just a gaffe machine. But they forget that he’s been in a lot more debates than Ryan has and knows the game well.

    What he needs to do is press Ryan in the detals of his budget plan. Hammer him to actually produce specifics about how the Romney/Ryan plan could possibly be “revenue neutral”. If he can expose the myth that Ryan is a numbers guy, Biden will win the debate easily.