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After his son was suspended and assigned alternative school for standing up for a special-needs friend who was being bullied, former law enforcement officer and active service member Randy Duke protested outside his son's school for a few hours every day until the school system relented.

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The punishment handed down by officials at Cade Middle School was severe: A two-day suspension, 30 days at an alternative school, and a ban on joining the high school band when they marched during football games.

The last one hit hardest, as Duke credits the band with helping his son open up. "After years of bullying, he had closed into a shell," Duke said. "This started bringing him out of his shell."

So Duke spent a few hours every day outside the middle school with his signs, protesting the decision.

Not to condone violence in school, but bullying has recently lead to an increase in student depression and even suicide, and it needs to be taken more seriously. Kids should not be punished for standing up for themselves in cases of legitimate bullying.

The average parent would not take the time to carry out what Randy Duke did.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Randy Duke for Father of the Year!

  • muselet

    Good for Max and Randy Duke.

    While this is yet another example of the foolishness of “zero-tolerance” policies, bullying has been a problem since Methuselah’s granddad was in school. Unless and until teachers and administrators finally step up (and legislators and school board members stop creating idiotic policies, and parents stop ignoring their kids’ antisocial tendencies), bullying will remain a problem.

    (By the way, don’t read the comments at any of the links. About half of them will make you despair.)


  • Draxiar