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Broken Record

Artist - Daryl Cagle

Yes, Fox News is still screwing the Benghazi chicken today.

And here's Colbert.

  • rob black

    I may have to go “off grid” until after the election…..
    This strikes me as maybe the best description of this whole insane campaign, with the fewest words: Charlie Pierce’s righteous bitch slapping of DFB (David F@%king Brooks) in his Sunday gasbag roundup. (
    “One party is insane and has forced it’s candidate to act like the lead act in a $50 donkey contortionist show in a Tijuana brothel. The other candidate is forced to point this out. So it’s everybody’s fault. I feel for David Brooks, and for the gentle fairy-folk of the land in which he lives.” – Charles Pierce

    Apparently also this fine weekend, the Orc squad at “Rupert’s Freak Show and Idiocracy Emporium”, in addition to flailing away at the President using our dead ambassador as a club, finally got to dog whistle in the “he’s an angry black man” fantasy.. they have been so drooling to utilize… because the President had the temerity in the last two debates, to point out, that his opponent may be the biggest liar to ever ooze over a podium in the history of the concept of political debate.
    I don’t think the term “anger” adequately describes how I have felt about the “mainstream” media’s treatment of this President, not just in the last infuriating few months, but for his entire term. ….but this trumped up Benghazi shit storm… this outrageous, nakedly political desecration….being discussed as if it were something real, on actual non-Fox…network news programs …. is the last fucking straw.
    All of this, especially so close on the heals of their historically epic fail during the run up and duration of the Iraq war. A failure so massive, it should have produced gravity altering piles of resignations in newsrooms nation wide, but instead gave inexplicable birth to a level of hackery not seen since the term “yellow journalism” was first coined.
    The Hannitys, Rushes, Becks, Coulters, Malkins et als.. were racist soulless, un-salvageable, immoral whores to begin with….but this smarmy new breed of beltway cretins from the big three, and the national “paper of record” are really something very special.
    If by any chance in the next few years, I have the misfortune to encounter David Brooks, David Gregory, Chuck Todd, George Will, Peggy Noonon or Tom Brokaw in passing…..I only hope they are wearing their finest, most expensive, Scotch guarded London Fogs.
    They have and continue to denigrate not only themselves, but their profession, a profession so important the founders thought it necessary to enshrine it in the constitution…. beyond redemption.
    Every time one of them equates some new right wing atrocity, with some meaningless failure from the left, using their worthless, merit-less “both sides do it” lie…..and every time they book, for the millionth time, some discredited, character challenged, mealy mouth current or former politician..or know nothing “pundit”…..they are taking a literal dump on the graves of not only their better predecessors, but their colleagues who have actually died in service of their occupation.
    They have failed us all regardless of the outcome of this election.
    They deserve nothing but absolute utter contempt: Because over the last three years, as they have raked in ever more preposterous stratospheric salaries….contempt is the only thing they have most certainly earned.

    • IrishGrrrl

      Your post is full of awesome!

  • muselet
    • IrishGrrrl

      Love me some Whedon!

  • loverofcoffee

    It is so obvious what Fox really is; the propoganda arm of the republican party. Well, for most of us it is obvious. How is this nonsense not seen as Fox propaganda for the republican party? It is so obvious that question is rhetorical.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      There is a big machine with megabucks ensuring that rightwing followers are so caught up in their own delusion and belief that nothing else matters.
      These people are superstitious and effectively managed by fear without logic or facts.
      They are called republicans.