Central Ohio Unemployment Falls to 5.7 Percent

Are you better off than four years ago? The residents of central Ohio are.

According to numbers released by the state of Ohio yesterday, the unemployment rate in the central region of the state fell to 5.7 percent in September.

The unemployment rate for central Ohio tumbled to 5.7 percent last month, the lowest level since May 2008, according to state figures released this morning.

The 5.7 percent rate compared with 6 percent in August.

The rate has been moving steadily lower since peaking at 9.6 percent in January 2010. The rate was 5 percent in May 2008. [...]

The unemployment rate for all of the state’s metropolitan regions fell last month and for 78 of the state’s 88 counties.

Aside from the nonsensical NRA ads running here in Ohio which claim the president is coming for our guns and freedom, virtually every anti-Obama, pro-Romney TV ad has played the role of doomsayer, alleging that the economy is in terrible shape and that we "can't afford four more years like the least four years."

Based on my personal observation, Romney ads seem to be outnumbering Obama ads at this point in the election, but as the polls confirm this unprecedented amount of negative ad spending has not delivered the state to Mitt Romney. One key reason why it hasn't is because the economy here has clearly improved and is obviously headed in the right direction.

The Obama campaign has done a fairly good job of rebutting the Romney campaign's claims in Ohio, but nothing compares to the persuasive power of seeing construction nearly everywhere you go.

  • bigal9

    Hi, Here’s a video I made about the Romney/Ryan ticket. I created it for a pre-debate party. Hope you enjoy it :)

  • bphoon

    …nothing compares to the persuasive power of seeing construction nearly everywhere you go.

    I’m in the construction supply business so, yeah, you’re right. It’s pretty easy to tell, generally, how the economy in a given city is doing by the number of construction cranes gracing the skyline.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Tomorrow on Morning Joe, Mark Halperin explains why lower unemployment is bad news for Obama.