Dinesh D’Souza is a Horrible Person

That's right, wingers. The man behind your beloved faux documentary, 2016, which portrays a depressed America in the wake of a second term for President Obama, is a terrible, bad person.

Not only does D'Souza peddle racism and ginned up conspiracies for a living, he's also a humongous hypocrite.

via Right Wing Watch

On the heels of a sex scandal, Dinesh D’Souza announced his resignation today as president of King’s College in New York. D’Souza, star of the nonsensical anti-Obama film 2016: Obama's America and defender of traditional marriage, was recently caught cavorting with a much younger woman while still married to his wife. And now to make matters worse, it appears that his mistress was also married.

Last week, D’Souza blasted President Obama for undermining traditional values. Now we know D’Souza is so traditional that his love life comes straight out of the Old Testament.

King's College is an Evangelical school and D'Souza, it's former president, just became engaged to another woman, who is also married, while he's still married.

A true defender of "traditional marriage" and family values indeed.

And they tell me the gays are the ones who are ruining everything.

  • bphoon

    Well, of course, you can go back to the traditional family values of the Old Testament where men took multiple wives and even had children by household servants a la Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or, the marriage traditions of the Dark and Middle Ages where fathers would sell off their daughters in exchange for enlarging their estates, their power and their purses. Of course, it was accepted practice for both men and women–all married–to take (in the case of men) and be (in the case of women) mistresses. I may be confused, though, when it comes to becoming engaged to a married woman while still being married as well. I’ll have to do a little more research, I guess, to nail that one down.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Maybe he’s about to convert to Mormonism.

    • GeneralLerong

      Binders full o’ wimmen! Binders, I tell ya!

  • Al Iriberri

    I’m surprised. No wait, the exact opposite of that word.

    • Brutlyhonest

      The only surprise anymore is when the affair is with a woman.

  • Doran

    The wingers do love lying and philandering hypocrites, don’t they? But given their general cognitive dissonance, I doubt this will dim their adoration of 2016. And like everything else, it’ll somehow be Obama’s fault D’Souza did what he did.

  • muselet

    He won’t miss a single Wingnut Welfare check. Bet on it.


  • Good Doc

    D’Spicable, D’Sgusting, D’Shonest…

    • IrishGrrrl

      You forgot, D’Ouche

    • muselet

      I’ve heard that when he was at Dartmouth—writing, if that be the right word, for the Dartmouth Review—his campus nickname was Distort D’Newsa.


    • MiddleMittenLiberal

      Was that Porky Pig saying that (one of the Warner Brother characters)?. God, I am just shocked….