Fall Fundraiser Day Four!

We hope in some small way, we've helped you navigate your way through the harrowing funhouse that is the 2012 election season. If so, feel free to click the jolly, candy-like PayPal button below and drop some foldin' money into the tip jar.

As a special premium, the top five largest contributors will receive free one-year subscriptions to the Bob & Chez Show After Party! And if those contributors are already members of our premium podcast, they can either gift their free membership to a friend or convert their paid membership to a free membership.

Thank you so much in advance!

  • Bubble Genius

    And a FREE SOAP BASKET!!!!1!!! to the highest contributor. Uh, not as in stoned. But seriously – You’ll get a BIG BASKET of soap from us. So dig down deeeeeeeep.